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    Considering psych nursing

    Is it still possible to find psychiatric nurse practitioner positions with only an MSN? Im6considering the specialty but do not want to get a doctorate for many reasons. Is it still a position in demand? My other consideration was informatics because I also am good with tech.
  2. Trickyp713

    Over my head in ICU

    I've been a nurse in LTC and jails for 12 years. I finally took the leap to get my RN and graduated in May 2020. Immediately, I got a job in Neuro ICU, and was excited and nervous because I've always dreamt I'd eventually be in the ICU. HOWEVER, I find myself making small mistakes now 7 months in, and I feel like LTC barely prepared me. It's a whole different world. Maybe I'm prideful, and I knew I'd have to learn from those more experienced than I, but didn't expect to feel so out of place. I have been supervising for 7 of my 12 years, and woundcare specialized. Does anyone else have any experience with taking such a lateral transition? I have an excellent team of helpful nurses, but I cant help but feel like I should be better. I learn something new every day at work!
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    Thank you. I'll have to look into this
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    We do not have legal ratios
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    Thanks i appreciate the feedback. I fear LTC will only get worse as it is more corporately driven. I love my employees and patients and would hate to leave, but I've heard our administrator say, "if you don't like it go somewhere else.
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    Thank you
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    Thank you, this had been my opinion all along, but because i want my residents to get the care they need I've been working an entire unit of 38 residents as the only nurse, while covering a personal care unit, with both units having only one nurse's aide! We finally habe agency helping; however, i realized my administrator truly is trying to see how much we'll tolerate when our on shift only shows openings for the present day. During the week however openings are shown days out. So staff don't know there are holes to fill desperately. All units running 1 nurse and 1 to 2 aides for 16 ours and nobody covering PC constantly.... it's dangerous
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    I've been a nurse at muy current long term care facility for 4 years. I currently work weekends, and I've never seen our staffing so bad. It's to the point where we have our DON and administrator demanding we manage an entire unit alone, with 1 or 2 aids in addition to managing another unit we can't possibly be on. It's exhausting and impossible. Some staff have spoken of refusing to take another unit, but fear this could be insubordinate. Ive nearly killed myself working 32 hours in 2 days because to me the moral duty is patient's first. I personally habe been extending beyond this demand because i want my fellow employees happy and stress free. I strongly believe my administrator is pushing us to see what we will minimally run with, and just get by. but it's bad caste and it's unsafe. She waited to late to get agency. Is this insubordination to say ill cover my hall only?