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  1. Flu Vaccine

    I'm in the last semester for my nurse practitioner program. I went to get my flu vaccine and was about to uploaded it for my school. We use a system call evalue. I'm 2 weeks late for the deadline. I'm so afraid and been stressing out that they wo...
  2. starting IV on same arm as a mastectomy

    The thing I was just so mad was that there was no report not to start IV on left arm, no limb alert. Supervisor didn't tell me anything. Another supervisor told me that patient daughter usually tell nurses and phlebotomist to use the other arm. Th...
  3. starting IV on same arm as a mastectomy

    Hey guys, I have been lurking on this page for awhile, but never join. Today I want some input on this topic. I'm just really worried now. The patient is a DNR patient on peritoneal dialysis. Patient also has active pneumonia. Infectious disease phys...