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gingernursegirl has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER/ICU.

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  1. Knoxville Area Nursing

    Moving to Knoxville area (most likely north east of Knoxville in Morristown/Tazewell area). Experience in OR/ER/ICU. Would prefer to work in critical care. Any ideas about good hospitals out there? What charting system do they use? I’ve used meditech...
  2. Excessive waste of narcotics

    For my PACU we scan once and when the pop-up occurs, we select the dose we are giving (25 mcg). Then as we continue dosing every 5 min we have a separate section in our charting (Cerner) for “PACU medication titration” where we chart all doses. At th...
  3. Floor to the OR?

    I will echo what others have said. I had my LPN and worked rehab for 6 months before finishing my RN. I felt much of what you have expressed in terms of running around passing meds. My preceptorship (capstone) was in ICU, and while I loved it and fou...
  4. U of U CCI Feb 2019

    Thanks for your words! I attended the U of U Health Career Fair today and spent some time at the CCI booth and met the director. She said that they prefer new grads and the vast majority of those accepted into the CCI are new grads. So that's good ne...
  5. U of U CCI Feb 2019

    Anyone applying to the U of U CCI for Feb start? Curious to know what everyone's background is, etc. I will be a new-grad RN in December 2018 with a previous bachelor's degree--I emailed them about applying, and they told me that without a BSN I am w...
  6. LPN over RN

    I will also add, I wasn't entirely sure on nursing but doing the LPN solidified that decision for me. It was an easy two semesters that at the end, if I wanted out, then I could be out. I didn't want to be locked into a 2+ year program for RN and dro...
  7. LPN over RN

    I did LPN because my particular program is two semesters and had no pre-reqs so I could finish taking my pre-reqs while in the program (had physiology during the first semester and took pathophysiology over my summer break). I finish the LPN next wee...