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  1. Right and I do think we all agree on that. Care itself cannot be withheld. But I also think that the OP was not really asking if care should be withheld. Just whether nurses can refuse to administer it. It's a little bit of a vague question, es...
  2. And you know, really, I do think this is the real crux of the issue FOR nurses who refuse to administer the vaccine as of right now. Although its currently a great tool for eradicating or slowing the spread of covid-19 and there appears to be few cas...
  3. in Norway have been,shortly after receiving the vaccine.
  4. "At times, yes a nurse has a duty to refuse to give the vaccine. For instance, if a person is medically considered "old-old" I.e. over 85, *and* frail, I.e. exceptionally vulnerable to anything, then sometimes any new vaccine, or new drug of any...
  5. Then why did you post a link to an article that claims such? Oh, wait. You just didn't read your own article. the expense of a cohesive argument.. Indeed!
  6. Again with the ad hominems about people with DNRs needing an additional mental health exam. Knock it tf off. Enough, already. And yes, in California, you do have to abide, or pass the patient on to someone who will. You have no right to resusci...
  7. So if a seemingly healthy 25 year old is rolled in with some minor injuries and has a DNR bracelet, in the state of California, and this person stops breathing, you HAVE to adhere to that physicians order and NOT resuscitate them. Not to change...
  8. Taking a break? How long until you came back?

    Well then I forgive you. Thank you for apologizing. Im still leaving. I just cant find a way to leave this site completely now. Im really frustrated. I feel like I have been cancelled by people on here for being gender fluid *and* n...
  9. Taking a break? How long until you came back?

    Block me, you may. Baffled as you might be and all. LOL What you may NOT do is to be a total jerk just because you missed the part where Libra Nurse asked me a question. See ya bye.
  10. Which patients are you most scared to take care of?

    Oh and I had initially called the agency after 15 minutes of pleading with mr tantrumer to let me give him care, and him refusing for reasons that just defy all understanding. To the point that the case worker has been involved multiple times. ...
  11. Which patients are you most scared to take care of?

    I deal with home care, so we don't have guards and security cameras and alarm buttons. We also don't have an actual nurse on site to recommend chemical restraints, but my violent one was already prescribed those. Her husband just told her it wa...
  12. Which patients are you most scared to take care of?

    Wow thats a lot of severe violence! Yikes! How does a caregiver keep their composure during that kind of an episode, I wonder? And are initially violent types ever weaned off of the sedation? I have so many questions now.
  13. Taking a break? How long until you came back?

    To Nursel56, and anyone else that seems to be generally LGBTQphobic... FYI Libra Nurse asked me for more information to help them understand the concept of what being gender fluid, aka nonbinary, means, in my case. I explained. We are having a ...
  14. Taking a break? How long until you came back?

    My husband is getting me into that game now too!! It was easy to do last year!! Our little community doesnt get a lot of trick or treaters so I just tell my young mommy friends to come by and get their kiddos a full sized candy bar lmao. I can ...
  15. Taking a break? How long until you came back?

    LOL but you are not surprising. Dude. I was being sarcastic with the homosexual undertones. Why do you have to be so weird about anything homosexual in nature? I like to just talk with most people. You are not one of them. You are a creep....