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  1. mk300ss

    Data Abstractor position?

    I'm sorry to hear that Crystal. I'm working on NIH funded research to develop a new technology platform to help improve Abstractor's workflow. I'm sure you'll agree that there is opportunity for automation (for some measures), but that you still need trained eyes to interpret some information. Lack of reporting tools from EHRs and free text data are our two biggest complaints. Could you elaborate on the aspects of your job you find redundant, inefficient or generally not rewarding? Do you have any ideas about what would make your job easier so you can focus on more important aspects of quality? If you had more time, what would you prefer to do? Do you ever consult? Would you consider joining a research study panel as a subject matter expert? We are looking for pain points to solve. ;-) www.mypatientinsight.com
  2. mk300ss

    Data Abstractor position?

    Hi Jeffrey - Are you directly with a hospital or with an outside service provider? I'm trying to get a sense of how many FTEs a hospital typically hires for quality and accreditation measures.