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  1. mhtrent

    RN to BSN

    Look into Galen
  2. mhtrent

    December 2017 NCLEX, passed with 75 questions, PVT

    Congrats all! I passed nclex-rn with 75 questions in June! I used Kaplan everything!
  3. mhtrent

    NP vs. PA

    I'm an RN, planning on becoming an NP. From my understanding np's have more independence, more training. I would do np
  4. mhtrent

    EKU, frontier FNP

    Hi all! So I am currently an RN And about to start a 14 month RN-BSN program. When I graduate with my BSN I will have over a year of experience in the nursing field. I plan to apply to frontier, EKU & possibly U.K. FNP programs. Can anyone give me some insight into any of these programs? How difficult are they to get into? I graduated with a 3.5 gpa from my ADN & plan to also do some volunteer work.