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Danielle3 has 32 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ER.

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    PA DUI, what to expect?

    I also recieved a dui 11mos ago for pot. I was referred to program because I admitted to be an alcoholic. My last drink was 9/2016. I have had the spiritual change we all have heard about removed. I quit drinking alcohol 4 mos before my dui. I sought out treatment for my drinking because I was depressed and drinking too much. Thru All of these tribulations in recieving my dui, I have not relapsed. Thru the deterioration of my mothers disease of Alzheimers I have not relapsed, to the loss of my job I have not drank. I am not a danger to my patients. I attend AA daily. I have done the steps, I only hope the PA bon concurs!
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    Get out of your head as best you can. I was 4 mos sober from ETOH when I got a dui for pot. I had my last drink 9/2016. Because I admitted to my alcoholism, have 15 mos without alcohol, quit drinking on my own without any requests, " they " still consider me early in recovery. I Really do not think it would be beneficial for me to "join" this program. The anxiety, financial obligation, I just want to be a Nurse and continue in my life of sobriety. I Never had any problems related to the job, It makes me nausea to even think about this travesty, attack on my personal liberties. How dare the BON do this and get away with it! Shame...