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  1. Nampa

    Carrington anyone?

    Hello fellow Idahoans. I am sick and tired of trying to get in into CWI and BSU Nursing program and considering going to Carrington in the fall if I am not accepted into BSU or CWI again in the Spring 2018. I've been taking classes and going to school for 5!!!! years. I need a good paying job!!! I am in my 30 and English is my second language. So, I was thinking go to Carrington and do their 1 year LPN program and then go for RN there. Does anyone know how much will it cost me? Is it easy to find a job after graduating Carrington? I know that this college gets a bad wrap around Treasure Valley, but hey, I need to go make some money. Thank you in advance for your reply.
  2. Nampa

    Carrington College Boise

    Soldier, what have you decided? I am also thinking about going to Carrington.

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