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skayel has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. skayel

    NCLEX in 75?

    I was convinced I failed. I was so sick waiting for unofficial results. But I passed! From what I am understanding, prioritization and delegation are high level questions. So I think you should be fine!! Everyone that passes in 75 feels like they failed it seems.
  2. skayel

    NCLEX in 75?

    Sure enough, I did pass! My license is up on Nursys and everything! Those nerves were something else though while waiting! Thank you for your reply. I did end up passing and already have my license issued to me! That wait was the longest of my life without a doubt.
  3. skayel

    NCLEX in 75?

    I’m responding to say I PASSED! Those 48 hours were excruciating but I got the great news yesterday and my state board has already issued me a license and I’m on the nursys website! It hasn’t fully hit me yet, I’m still in shock
  4. skayel

    Think I Failed NCLEX-RN

    That is the good pop up! My computer shut off at 75 yesterday (2/1/20) and I have been freaking out! I got the good pop up too, but now of course I am questioning if I am that 0.01% that gets the wrong one.
  5. skayel

    NCLEX in 75?

    Did you do the Pearson V trick? I did it with a friend 12 hours after I got out of the test and got the good pop up. I know most people that passed say this is accurate, I'm just stressing myself to no end until I get my official results. I'm gonna try to do something nice for myself today that isn't nursing related and try to relax and wait for official results tomorrow.
  6. skayel

    NCLEX in 75?

    Is it normal to feel like you failed after 75 questions? I took my NCLEX today. I studied a ton in school, maintained very high grades, and got 99% probability of passing from ATI. I did not expect my computer to stop at 75. When it did, I was extremely excited like "Hey, I did it!" but as times goes on that "what if you are the one who bombed this miserably" is creeping up into my head. I can recall and handful of questions that I was on the fence on and looked up the topics when I got home and know without a doubt I got them wrong. It is only a select few that I was absolutely unsure of but those are the ones that I can vividly remember. I remember having many "aha" light-bulb moments in questions about nurse/patient communication where the nurse clearly addressed exactly what the patient said. I had a few streaks where I kept getting SATA as well, but the majority of my test was multiple choice with one drag and drop as my last question and I am pretty confident I got it correct. I know you can fail or pass in any amount of questions. I'm just looking for some reassurance from others who had 75 questions, if you began to remember questions you definitely got wrong after the fact. Thanks everyone.

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