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  1. Nurse2bBunny86

    Charity School of Nursing Fall 2019

    I just saw this on canvas, thought I would share if anyone is interested.
  2. Nurse2bBunny86

    Charity School of Nursing Fall 2019

    Has anyone taken (or is taking) the nursing school success course Delgado offers. I think it's NURS 101. Just curious, I kinda wanted to take it but found out about it late and $$ is tight. Looks like a good course though, as it covers stress management and test taking skills.
  3. Nurse2bBunny86

    Charity School of Nursing Fall 2019

    Yes, they just use the classes for the pre-reqs, not your overall gpa.
  4. Nurse2bBunny86

    Charity School of Nursing Fall 2019

    I took the HESI this summer for LSU which was all the same sections except chemistry instead of A&P. It wasn't too bad. I bought the study guide that elsevier put out. I found it to be pretty good but wish it went more in-depth for the biology section. Trivium puts out a good study guide as well. I recommend getting the app pocketprep along with a study guide. It gives you practice questions and answers with explanations. I used that to see what areas I needed to review more.
  5. Nurse2bBunny86

    Charity School of Nursing Fall 2019

    I'm applying in January too! I'm finishing up my A&P II lab and lecture right now, so with that I will have all my pre-reqs done! Taking the HESI in December! I applied to LSU but was denied. I feel like its all a game of numbers to get into nursing school. I think I have a better chance getting into charity based on their point system.
  6. Nurse2bBunny86

    Thinking about changing my major

    Have you looked into LPN programs? They usually have lower level science requirements. I'm not familiar with GA but in Louisiana some community colleges offer LPN to RN programs.
  7. Nurse2bBunny86

    Chamberlain College New Orleans

    Has anyone heard or attended this college? It looks like the partner with Oschner hospital. I was looking into all the BSN (non RN) programs in the area and this showed up but I can't find any info on this site about it. It looks really expensive.
  8. Nurse2bBunny86

    Nursing school and cadavers?

    I've never heard of nursing students using cadavers outside of A&P so I think your safe. :-)
  9. Nurse2bBunny86

    How do you apply to multiple programs?

    I would contact the admissions office for each program to see what their program requires. Every school is different and may require different pre reqs and admissions test ( teas,hesi). Some require interviews,essays and letters of recommendations so it is best to check with each school. Good luck!
  10. Nurse2bBunny86

    Charity School of Nursing Spring 2019

    At the info session Tuesday, they said this group of applicants cut off score was 50.
  11. Nurse2bBunny86

    Delgado Charity School of Nursing

    I'm considering applying for Fall 2019. Did you get in?
  12. Nurse2bBunny86

    LSU Spring 2019 BSN

    Congratulations to everyone who got accepted!!
  13. Nurse2bBunny86

    LSU Spring 2019 BSN

    I got waitlisted too!
  14. Nurse2bBunny86

    LSU Spring 2019 BSN

    I got waitlisted too!
  15. Nurse2bBunny86

    LSU Spring 2019 BSN

    I was really hoping they would send out emails today. I guess I should stop refreshing my email every 5 minutes. :-)