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  1. I got a job offer to work on a Cardiac Telemetry Floor as a new grad. However, I’m nervous about taking the job because eventually I work to transfer to either ED ,CVICU or ICU. I just want to make sure I get enough experience and skills in before I enter those department and I don’t think I will learn from a cardiac tele floor. Also , I notice the hospital I’m working at has a med surge /tele unit. So what’s the difference between the two. I never done NG, Foley, or even did an IV. Will a cardiac Tele unit offer these skills set.
  2. NURS94

    Not eligible for rehire

    Thank you all for your comments. I was really felling down but you guys gave me hope. I will move on in a positive light and just hope for the best. Thanks
  3. NURS94

    Not eligible for rehire

    I’m not eligible for rehire at the hospital or any other affiliated hospitals. I think it’s permanent.
  4. NURS94

    Not eligible for rehire

    So I recently I work at my current hospital job for less then a month as a PCT. I was not able to complete my orientation due to personal reasons that cause me to miss days. My manger told me I was not eligible for rehire. I’m still in nursing school and I feel like I ruined my career before it even started. The only thing I can think about is, will this hinder me for getting a job. Should I leave this off my application, should I put it on my application and hope for the best. I would like to work at this particular hospital and I’m scared that if they see I’m not eligible for rehire at my previous employment I will not get the job. So, is having not eligible for rehire a bad thing ? Can people still get hire at another jobs having not eligible for rehire at previous jobs?
  5. NURS94

    Grady RN Residency Winter 2020

    I’m thinking about applying for the Grady Residency Program next year. I graduate in May 2020. Do you know how many people they accept and if it’s competitive. I wasn’t able to get into the extern program because I miss the deadline. What do they look for when accepting people into the residency program?
  6. just got my letter, I'm on the waiting list. hopefully i can still get in

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