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  1. Misteighbloo

    Care plan help!!! Please!!!

    how about a psychosocial for her family member, such as caregiver role strain?
  2. Misteighbloo

    How many care plans do you do?

    First semester, we do 3 careplans for med-surg 1, second semester we do 3 for med-surg 2 and another 2 for psych (total of 5), third semester I believe we do 2 for peds and 2 for labor and delivery (total of 4), not sure how it’s done in 4th semester. Our careplans are somewhat long and end up being about 20 pages each.
  3. Misteighbloo

    Do I have to disclose mental illness

    My understanding was not that this person has lied... they just now got accepted to nursing school and the school is now asking for medical information and they are trying to determine if it will be required to disclose this information or not. The “doing well in school” comment likely is in reference to the pre-requisites or finishing up a first degree.