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    Retaliation for voicing concern over unsafe pratices

    Hi TNNURSE, I am glad you are starting to expose the truth, I am still awaiting that opportunity myself. It is so important for the public to find out about the deliberate deceptive practices of both the so called "Risk Management" dept and these scam Compliance Lines. I am still trying to force the Compliance Line at my former Hospital to investigate the retaliation that removed me from my job in the OR for reporting deliberate negligent understaffing. The significance of my case is that it goes to show that even the universaly accepted top Hospital in America is not imune to such corrupt practices. One of the most vital issues in your case is the way the Hospital's Risk Management targeted the person reporting negligence and incompetence that was well know by most of your coworkers. Risk Management and Compliance Lines were set up to protect patients from harm not protect Hospitals from those who report negligent practice. This flaw must be fully exposed before and major change is going to take place. It is a painfull process for those who have been retaliated against like you and I. My Petition to force the Compliance Line to investigate my case now has 2600 signatures and growing by the day. Please check it out at the PetitionSite.com "Investigation of Whistleblowers Dismissal" Thanks.