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  1. Hey! Internal candidate here also. Did the request to update your profile and fill out the questionnaire come from a recruiter or a generic email address from KP careers?
  2. kkvalenz

    Kaiser Inexperienced New Grad RN July 2021

    Hi! I also made a thread and had a couple of participants there already!
  3. kkvalenz

    Long Beach memorial new grad 2021

    Hi @bear22 There was a thread created with some comments posted Below is the the link/thread. I had updated on there maybe last week that from the new grad facebook page, it appears interviews and offers have already started. I had seen people say that got called by LB from June 25-July 1 but recently I had also seen on FB that someone got called to interview as late as yesterday, July 9. I also seen someone interview on July 8 and then they posted they got a job offered to them on July 9. The last 2 were for the float pool.
  4. Hi Gena, are you part of UNAC, CNA, or UHW? I was wondering about that same rule and my DA claimed UNAC was 'working on throwing that rule out' but that's all I heard regarding it.
  5. @pere-jazzy You're welcome!
  6. I had seen the flyer on facebook somewhere, but I also received it at work. I attached it below!
  7. Hi, the listing was only open externally for 24 hours per the informational flyer. Basically you had to get your application in on July 7 from midnight til 11:59pm.
  8. @Ready4RN2021 Yes, best to keep all your options open! Good luck!
  9. @Ready4RN2021 Hi, I just wanted to chime in and reiterate some stuff. With KP, highly competitive job openings are open for a limited amount of time/ limited amount of application submissions. In the past, listings have only been open for 24 hours or when submissions have been filled - whichever comes first. For this position, if I had to guess, I would say that each listing likely accepted only 100 applications per job posting since it is a highly competitive job that I'm sure will be easy to fill. The job listing was only posted externally for 24 hours, however, I think it may be "24 hours or until filled". As far as the Moreno Valley listing, I'd say it could be one of 2 things - though it says they're 'accepting job applications', I would say that the position has already been filled. Especially for the one that was posted on June 22. I know from experience that my application for KP immediately showed "No longer in consideration" when applying to a specialty unit. If I remember correctly, when asked if I had 1 year of experience in the related field, I checked the box 'no' which I'm assuming made me ineligible. But, going back to the whole "more applicants than there are positions" maybe the job listing already had plenty of applications and basically denied every application after they received x amount of submissions? And, yes, I believe you were no longer in consideration for the new grad position since you selected the box as not having your license yet thus the system automatically flagged your application as not meeting minimum requirements. A lot of what I'm saying is speculation other is from speaking with a nurse manager. I'm currently a KP employee, but not working as a nurse.
  10. Hi All! Just wanted to start a thread for those of us that applied to Kaiser's New Grad Program in Southern California for the October 2021 cohort. I'm sure we'll all be impatiently waiting to hear back! For reference, I applied to Downey, Irvine, and South Bay as an internal candidate.
  11. kkvalenz

    PVHMC RN Residency August 2021

    I'm licensed Still nothing 😕
  12. kkvalenz

    Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach

    Hi All, Just wanted to follow up with everyone. I jumped onto a facebook New Grad page and I seen that quite a few people got contacted by Long Beach Memorial as early as June 25 but mostly I had seen people being contacted on June 30 via email and phone calls. The units included L and D, Float, Rehab, and PICU. I'm assuming if we haven't heard, it might not be looking good 😕
  13. kkvalenz

    Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach

    darn, I don't have a facebook, but it seems like you can make a lot of good connections / get info there
  14. kkvalenz

    Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach

    Was the facebook account specific to this application cycle or was it a personal facebook account sharing their experience?
  15. kkvalenz

    PVHMC RN Residency August 2021

    Still nothing. I just got offered a job at another facility so I'm hoping to hear back from the new grad program before making any decisions!
  16. Hi All! I just wanted to start a thread for anyone racking their brain on a similar situation. I am a new grad RN, ADN with BSN in progress. I have been in contact with the nurse recruiter at St. Francis in Lynwood and it sounds like she might be interested in hiring me to my desired unit, L & D nights, but if not, Med Surg days. Recently, I also applied to Long Beach Memorial's New Grad program to L & D nights and found out that Kaiser will be having a new grad program at select locations in October. Here are my thoughts. I feel pretty confident in my resume that I may get selected for the New Grad Program at Long Beach as I have experience on my desired unit. I have heard great things about Long Beach Memorial and heard it's a great learning environment. I also currently work at Kaiser Permanente in a non-clinical role and have done a lot of research/ talked to a lot of people in regarding to the New Grad Program and I feel that I have a good chance getting into the program as an internal candidate. The New Grad Program at Kaiser is only in Med Surg and I have heard that Kaiser is not truly a teaching hospital. Of course, the pay and benefits are great. Lastly, St. Francis sounds like they are willing to hire me on as a New Grad into L & D, however, it is not a New Grad program. I would likely have a preceptor for x amount of weeks and be on my own. What are your personal thoughts and what route would you go if you were in this same situation? Thank You!