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  1. Passed my HESI a2!!!

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Passed my HESI a2!!!

    Hey there, so I took A&P 1 nearly 5 years ago and A&P 2 just last summer. I had to study really hard the bones and the muscles because that was my biggest weak point. I understand the heart well so I hardly studied it. You need to really loo...
  3. ED treatment for severe burn victim

    As I stated above...... IV, keep them warm, tetanus shot, intubation. That's all I know.
  4. ED treatment for severe burn victim

    I've covered first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree signs and treatment. My last powerpoint slide I want to put how third-degree burns are treated as a trauma situation in the ED. I want to list it how it would actually be done in a trauma sit...
  5. ED treatment for severe burn victim

    It's a presentation for my Pathophysiology class.
  6. ED treatment for severe burn victim

    Hi all, I'm doing a presentation on the different degrees of burns as well as the treatment given in the ED when a burn victim comes in. I was involved with the trauma team as a phlebotomist for a case like this nearly a year ago and just don't remem...
  7. Too old?

    No way! There are a few students in this years nursing program at my college that are well over 40 years old. You got this!!
  8. Passed my HESI a2!!!

    I passed my nursing entrance exam last Monday and have been provisionally admitted into the Nursing Program at my local college. I am so incredibly excited, it's all becoming real :) Any advice from first year nursing students? Best laptop to use? Ti...