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  1. Hello everyone! THANK YOU so much for taking the time to read and offer your advice. I have decided to go ahead and accept Hospital #2's offer! I think that is the best and most practical decision right now! After months of job searching I am grateful that I am being offered a job and I know that I will gain a lot even if it wasn't exactly what I originally wanted. But such is life! And sometimes what you think you want isn't even the best thing for you. So I will just make the best of my first RN job, regardless of where it is.
  2. SORRY THIS IS LONG: Hi everyone! I just wanted to ask for some opinions from everyone here. I am a recent new grad in the NYC area. I recently interviewed at two hospitals in NYC. I don't really want to specify where (I am kind of superstitious and don't want to jynx myself, haha) but Hospital #1 is a very prestigious, Magnet recognized institution in Manhattan, Hospital #2 is a pretty big health care system in one of the boroughs which isn't ranked as highly and is not Magnet but I believe its still a pretty good hospital and still top ranked within NY. I definitely am more excited about potentially working at Hospital #1 and I feel like thats where I would rather be! However, I don't think I'd hate working at Hospital #2 either. Both interviews went very well and Hospital #2 is offering me the position and a start date next month. Hospital #1 basically has told me that they have a waiting list and as positions open up they will contact people on that list, that I may not even be able to start working until end of Nov. (that's if I get offered anything, and it could potentially take even longer than that). Some people are telling me to accept Hospital #2's job offer and leave once Hospital #1 comes around with their offer. I don't want to burn bridges by doing that but I also feel like I would be dumb to say no to an offer for something else thats not guaranteed yet. I am working per-diem somewhere else for now and live at home with my parents so I am not TOO stressed out about money for now. So I could wait it out. But I'm also wondering if I am just stuck on Hospital #1 bc of its name. I was told by someone nursing is nursing no matter where you work and that if I take the position at #2 it would be easier to potentially explore other units further down the line since at #1 it clearly is a struggle to even get hired, they probably aren't able to accommodate a lot of moving around from unit to unit due to high demand(?). I guess this post isn't the greatest since I am not mentioning names lol But any feedback would be helpful.
  3. @JKL33 hahah no worries, Thank you for your help!
  4. @MiladyMalarkey Thank you! and thanks for the reply! I don't think they even give you dinner or anything..not sure why it's soo much money!! I definitely do NOT have that money, I already have to pay for cap and gown and whatever else this school wants to charge me for haha I think I'm just gonna skip out on the induction ceremony but I'll pay the dues to become a member. Thank again for your input!
  5. Hello out there! I hope someone can give me some insight! I was invited to join my school's chapter of Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society. I plan to join - (fees total up to $98) HOWEVER, if I want to attend the actual induction ceremony the price would be $150 dollars and if I want to bring my parents its $40 extra per person. I really don't have that kind of money at the moment. Is fine to just skip the ceremony but accept the invitation?? I still would get my cords for graduation right? I imagine I wouldn't be missing out on much in the actual ceremony but I just wanted to ask and see if anyone else has personal experience and could offer their take on it. :) Thanks in advance!