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  1. NPbyDay

    TB testing 2020, good riddance?

    CDC has removed its recommendation for annual TB testing of healthcare staff. Some states still may require it however. I'm curious, what is your facilities current policy going in to 2020? https://www.aafp.org/news/health-of-the-public/20190522tbguidelineupdt.html https://www.cdc.gov/tb/topic/infectioncontrol/default.htm
  2. NPbyDay

    FNP program January 2019

    How exciting!! Do you have your practicum areas all set up? If so, did you choose one practicum area or multiple sites? Best of luck to everyone :)
  3. NPbyDay

    Why are they called, "Chucks?"

    I may never recover from embarrassment of my mispelling, CHUX Y'all are TOO funny on here! Love ya AN
  4. NPbyDay

    Why are they called, "Chucks?"

    Why are they called "Chucks?" And can't we use a more appropriate and universally understood name for, "Chucks?" Laypeople usually have NO idea what a "Chuck" is. Having to describe them by functionality in order to explain it by definition to a patient, family or outside support staff is just, well ... crude & is always kinda awkward, Lol. Any better suited name recommendations for our beloved Chucks, so that we can all understand exactly what it is by its own self-descriptive term? Thanks AN!
  5. NPbyDay

    Service Dogs Allowed in ISO?

    Ambulance allowed 2 small service animals to be transported with patient from quick care, to ER for chest pain, hypertension & possible (MRSA) pneumonia. Now that the patient is admitted into an isolation room for MRSA rule out, the charge RN is saying the service animals are not allowed in isolation rooms, per hospital policy. So, my question is now that the animals are already admitted under quarantine, should the hospital be allowed to forcefully evict the animals? Can the patient be discharged if refuses to remove the animals (no where for the dogs to go). Aren't they contagious to humans now too? How are service animals regulated to "potty" in hospitals usually? Why would isolation affect their privileges? With it being NYE today, should the hospital wait until after the holiday (1/2/18) to evict the animals? And to where should they go? Animal Control? A veterinarian? By then the MRSA tests should be back then too, so wouldnt it be best to just wait? What say you AN?
  6. NPbyDay

    Where do you park your van?

    Do y'all use a port-a-potty, inside the van? And how well does the car lighter work to charge your phones/laptops? Is it better to work nights or days when living in a van? What do you do with all the time not working? Are you always looking for things to do to keep you out of the van? Like what do you do on days off? What does it cost to operate van living on a monthly basis? Is driving to the gym to shower before/after each 12-hour shift stressful? Is a real motor home with a shower, plumbing & electricity THAT much more expensive (lot rent), rather than living in a van? What do you eat, fast food mostly? Diners? Is a microwave or hotplate possible in a van? How long do you sustain living in a van before you go home? Do you keep paying your hometown rent, but travel to an assignment for 3 months to live in a van & then go back home once its over? Or is it more like put furnature in storage & travel nurse for 2 years out of a van? How is the best way to do this? Thank You AN
  7. NPbyDay

    Job search tips for new grad NPs

    Are you saying that NP positions focusing toward adult care, still want FNP's over Adult Primary Care NP's? I'm curious why employers want FNP if there is no children clients involved? Am I missing more that is different between FNP training and APCNP than just pediatric training?
  8. Chamberlain (aka Devry) is $40k for an online FNP.