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    Please Read: Fired from first nursing job

    Thank you so much for your encouragement
  2. newRN109

    Please Read: Fired from first nursing job

    I agree with you. I feel like such a failure. Obviously I can't completely blame my job failure on my eating disorder but at the same time, when you weigh about 2/3s of what you're supposed to you're likely going to have a hard time at work. I'm shattered because I don't know how I'll find a job anywhere now that I've failed once (and to be honest, I don't even know if I'll be able to succeed at a new one.
  3. Hi, I'm writing this in hope to get some insight on my situation and advise or what I should do. So I was recently fired from my first nursing job. It was a residency program and I basically "just wasn't progressing". I honestly agree with their decision to fire me because I found the residency program extremely challenging and was having a really hard time even managing two patients. During this time, however, I was suffering from an eating disorder, which, although I am by no means "cured" of, I have at least gone through a rehab program and regained my physical health. I don't know if my eating disorder had anything to do with my lack of success in the residency program, but it definitely didn't help. I'm now debating what I should do as far as work. I know it will be extremely difficult finding a job after being fired, and there's no way I feel ready to do anything other than another residency program. I'm contemplating writing a letter to my old job and explaining my situation, but am afraid that I will fail again. Does anyone have any advise or insight?
  4. newRN109

    Denver College of Nursing April 2018

    hey guys! just wondering if any of you will be taking the hesi exam or know anything about it? I still have to take it and am so nervous!