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  1. _firely

    Looking up patients on Facebook

    Seems silly. I would never do that... unless they’re hot!!! Just kidding. I’m old and find no joy in life or virtual life.
  2. _firely

    Taking patients

    You all are doing what needs doing. Still you can work hard in life or work smart. There are hospital units that I bet pay twice what you make and you only have one to two patience that require very little care. Do research. Ask around. Move.
  3. Now I sit down at a card table in Vegas and tell everyone I’m a nurse. You know, just to intimidate them with how much experience I have.
  4. _firely

    Does CA BRN Disclose Your Address to the Public?

    I just noticed the same. At least the information is not freely displayed on the page. So the question is, how strict is the BRN with giving out addresses upon request?
  5. _firely

    Am I too small to be a nurse?

    I just met a hospital RN who is about 3 feet tall. She uses stools and seems to get by just fine. I was wondering how she pulls people up in bed, but then I realized it is all just teamwork at the end of the day.
  6. _firely

    How to renew PHN in CA

    I was wondering the same thing since I just noticed an expiration date on Breeze and I was previously under the impression there isn't one. Thanks for clarifying.