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  1. Advice for those struggling to get an acceptance?

    send me email to
  2. Advice for those struggling to get an acceptance?

    I had the same problem getting accepted into ABSN in my state. I decided to move out of state, and did my research, I found a a very good school that most people don't know much about up north, CCNE accredited. I applied and got accepted. So happy ...
  3. UMFK ABSN acceptance!!

    Ryan please I have questions to ask you. Can you inbox or send me your email? I would really appreciate it. thank you
  4. UMFK ABSN acceptance!!

    Can you inbox me please. I have questions to ask you too
  5. University of Detroit Mercy SDO Fall 2020

    I was wondering if the program is accredited. Have you started?
  6. Siena college of health

    Is ichs a scam too? I'm considering it. please help
  7. 63K ABSN - Yes or No?

    Thank you. I will check them out
  8. ASN or Accelerated BSN?

    Hi congratulations on getting accepted. Can you guide me through on which school you are attending and also the accelerated BSN school so I can apply. Thanks
  9. 63K ABSN - Yes or No?

    Hi, can you tell me which state school you are talking about? I am interested. thanks!
  10. I’m giving up on Nursing

    Congratulations megan, which school are you in, I'm tired of looking for rn schools
  11. Hi. Can you tell me the name of your school where you graduated from accelerated nursing. Thanks