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AreN4lyfe has 5 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Emergency Department/Labor and Delivery.

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  1. RNC OB prep - 3 weeks left!

    Hi! I just registered for exam. I was wondering how you like mometrix, are you using the book or the subscription. Does the book offer online practice test? Good luck btw!
  2. Exam prep for NCC RNC-OB

    Need some guidance on what review/practice tests to use in preparation for RNC-OB inpatient. I checked out the study guide from NCC and I've read a couple books and did the POEP 4. Just need familiarity with the exam structure and question style. Exa...
  3. Hey LaborDude,


    I am a nurse who recently transferred from ER to Labor and Delivery.

    Spoiler alert:

    I am a male

    I was scrolling through a thread you posted on, in regards to the size of a newborn's stomach, and read the argument you made and found the information and the source to be very informative. I have been a skeptic in regards to the old school of thought in regards to feeding and stomach size. I subsequently scrolled up and noted your credentials and the fact you're a male. 

    During my OB rotation in nursing school I felt like the elephant in the room while on the MB and LD unit. I loved the subject, the patient populations, and was passionate about it, but the background noise of not feeling welcomed in the environment bothered me. Since working in LD, that feeling still lingers. Sometimes more than others.  Did that ever happen to you

    I'd like to connect with you.

    Talk soon.


    1. labordude

      labordude, BSN, RN

      Hey AreN4Lyfe,

      Thanks for joining me in skeptic land. Lots of things that should be questioned in what we do in OB! I have had other people tell me they've felt that way, but I really haven't seen it or maybe just didn't notice or care. The only group that palpably never seems to want me around is the lactation team which makes me crack up when they go to see one of my patients and see they're doing well because "labordude was really helpful and knowledgeable!" The best thing I've learned is be the bigger professional, do an amazing job, and any critic will be silenced because the supporters voices get louder.

  4. ICU to Home Dialysis, eek!

    How has the job treated you so far ? Do you feel the training prepared you enough?
  5. Peritoneal dialysis...what is a typical day like for a pd rn?

    Thank you 625 for the insight. I will be starting as a PD nurse in the next couple weeks. What attracted me to PD was the opportunity to educate, case manage, and better hours ( I don't function well after 5/6 pm regardless of caffeine intake). I ...
  6. The squeeky wheel gets the grease... Apply and call the Director and or manager of the department until you actually have a conversation with them. A lot of places say wait for a new grad program to open up.. yeah... no. Think outside the box er, the...
  7. It may sound heartless, but nature knows. You saved that baby's life in a different way - from a longer life of suffering and eventual death.
  8. CSUSB PDC RN-BSN Winter 2018 Cohort

    Hi there! I'm currently stuck in limbo awaiting updates on whether or not I've been admitted into the program. From what I've heard it is going to be a rather small cohort; not much competition from being impacted. Any one else waiting for word?...
  9. called 911

    Did EMS run a 12 Lead on the kiddo?