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  1. Monkies

    Hurricane and testing

    With Hurricane Dorian creeping up the coast, what happens if I get selected during a mandatory evacuation? I left messages with my case manager, but have not heard back.
  2. Monkies

    What does it take to succeed in the ICU?

    I absolutely LOVE critical care and the ICU. My biggest piece of advice is develop excellent self-care practices! You are dealing with pts who can turn in a heartbeat, and potent medications/treatments. No matter how educated, practiced, or experienced you are, if you don't make an effort to practice self-care the stress will sneak up on you. Aside from that: * Hone your assessment skills, head to toe. * Review your vasoactive medications, what to expect vs unexpected, including how the medications affect change when used in combination. * Know your cardiac rhythms, standard and the "not so standard but headed down hill" rhythms. * Questions are your best friends. If you don't know, ask. Even if you do know, ask until you are 100% and you become the one to ask. The rest you can pick up as you go.
  3. Monkies

    Returning to work after incident

    Yeah, a clean slate would be nice,. Trying to decide if I have the strength to "face the music" and return. It is, or was, a position I very much enjoyed, with amazing co-workers. I have been told they are holding my position pending the results of thr BON investigation, and am on the fence about returning. For reference, I wasn't caught diverting, but had a bit of a mental health crisis at work. Unfortunately, the BON was notified, recommended the program, and an evaluation. I met with the evaluator, who stated "I see no reason for an addiction or substance use diagnosis, but I would still like to do 1 year of monitoring." I don't use, 3 urine tests and a hair test all negative, yet he recommends 1 year monitoring. SMH.
  4. Monkies

    Returning to work after incident

    Just wondering if anyone returned to the same job after accusations or being caught? How did you handle everything, the gossip, broken trust with co-workers, etc? In hindsight, would you do the same or find another position?

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