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  1. Tricia227

    Failing Nursing 1

    I'm not sure if I'm in the correct section with this request but I'm running out of time so I'll just throw it out there. I attend Valencia College and in order to pass I need a 78 overall on my exams, which is the basically the only thing that you get graded on. I currently only have a 72 in the class and there is only a Hesi exam worth 99 points, a dosage final worth 10 points and the final worth 165 points. I would need to score a 90 or better on the Hesi and a minimum of 154 on the final to pass. Not sure wether I should stay and chance it or withdraw (deadline is this friday). My professor thinks it's possible but if I stay and I fail my GPA would take a big hit. I just want some advice or even what someone else would do in my situation. Thank you.
  2. Tricia227

    Valencia Fall 2019

    I applied for Osceola for the day program, my friend applied the same time as me and she chose both campus and also have not heard anything back. One thing was I not aware of until an advisor cleared it up, was although in fall the nursing traditional program accepts 120, it really means they are accepting 80 at west and 40 at Osceola. I found this out after I applied, If I had known I would have applied for both campus. But like you said, the options we choose when we apply might make a difference in which semester we get accepted for. After speaking with an advisor, it seems as if spring might be it for me not fall.
  3. Tricia227

    Valencia Fall 2019

    Hi everyone, I applied February 2019 for fall and I meet all the requirements. I spoke with a nursing advisor this week and was told that it is now a 2 to 3 semester waitlist at the moment. Does anyone know if acceptance emails have went out for fall? Apparently no one at Osceola campus knows the answer to this.