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  1. bfreezy

    Certifications vs graduate classes for crna programs?

    If you have a low GPA, take extra courses/grad classes. It shows to the committee that you're able to handle "graduate level courses" despite a lower GPA. I put the "graduate level courses" in quote because I took 2 and they were probably 1/50th of the level of difficulty in regards to CRNA classes.
  2. bfreezy

    Just graduated from CRNA school

    Ayeeee graduating today as well. Wishing you a great CRNA career and best of luck on boards!
  3. bfreezy

    Johns Hopkins DNP CRNA 2020

    Eh, I just think that the school's price is absurd and you can get into a CRNA school for much less.
  4. bfreezy

    CRNA Or Anesthesiologist: Should I Transition ?

    I feel like I lost some brain cells reading the original post.
  5. bfreezy

    Any FNPs applying to CRNA programs?

    You're assumptions are hilarious. It's called trolling homie.
  6. bfreezy

    Any FNPs applying to CRNA programs?

    Harvard or not, it'a a professional graduate program. As a SRNA, who proof read a couple personal statements and resumes, a typo sticks out like a sore thumb.
  7. bfreezy

    Any FNPs applying to CRNA programs?

    You sure MexicanFNP is a dude?
  8. bfreezy

    Any FNPs applying to CRNA programs?

    Hope you proof read your application before submitting it.
  9. bfreezy

    EXCELA CRNA starting 2019

    If you haven't gotten a phone call yet, you wont get an interview. Source: current SRNA who has friends in that program and they only call for interviews only one day.
  10. bfreezy

    Kaiser anesthesia (kpsan) 2018

    LOL hope YOU understand the difference between DNAP vs. DNP
  11. bfreezy

    Echelon's On-line Critical Care Nursing Program

    That's a rip off. Go buy yourself a CCRN book and be a sponge when you transition into the ICU. Intellectual curiosity and an awesome attitude will do you wonders in the ICU.
  12. bfreezy

    How to prepare in these 6mo prior to school starting

    Current SRNA here. I would relax and enjoy your time off with your friends and family. If you want to study something, definitely make sure you know your CCRN stuff really well and brush up on some anatomy and physiology!
  13. bfreezy

    University of Scranton CRNA 2018

    Oh I think its because I have less than 15 post. Once I gain enough post, I'll shoot you a PM
  14. bfreezy

    Things I Wish I Knew Before Choosing DNP Program

    Not currently in a DNP program, but I find this post useful...something to look out for when applying to DNP programs
  15. bfreezy

    Duke DNP? Anyone?

    Seems like a solid program. Thinking about apply here soon after I finish CRNA school
  16. bfreezy

    Starting in a CVICU

    With your 3 years of experience you will be fine!

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