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  1. NCLEX RN Experience- Never Give Up

    Excellent Post! A mentor once told me..."It's not a shame to fall, we all fall--repeatedly, now what is a shame is to stay down!"
  2. Nice. Great Job. Your hard work is paying off!...
  3. Did you do the PVT or hear anything?
  4. Sleeping nurses

    I once worked with RN's on a psych ER unit, but was not an RN myself at the time. Long story short, by about 2am or so, the night shift had all of the recliners full, and was not accepting any new clients for the most part. When the clients had to se...
  5. Passed NCLEX in NY!!

    For those going to take NCLEX or retake--I recommend the in-person Kaplan for strategy. You will get more right answers.
  6. Passed NCLEX in NY!!

    Congrats MoMo !
  7. Need advise regarding uncomfortable, disrespectful situation

    In a clinical once, while shadowing a floor nurse, one of the clients was due for a vaginal exam. I had been shadowing the floor nurse for all of her clients, and she had said she would ask the client if it was OK if a student observes her perform th...
  8. Should I resign, or wait it out?

    I was told once that a background investigator will ask all the common questions, which a former employer may, (or may not) answer truthfully for a potential liability reduction. Even if the former employer trashes you on the record (causing injury) ...
  9. Coronavirus Update - WHO Declares Global Health Emergency

  10. Coronavirus Update - WHO Declares Global Health Emergency

    I was asking a question, not making a declaration. Thanks.
  11. Coronavirus Update - WHO Declares Global Health Emergency

    Could it be true that the coronavirus is the ultimate result of 5G affecting the bodies ability to bind hemoglobin and oxygen together?
  12. Aspen University

    Just signed up. First classroom book: APA manual...
  13. Aspen University

    Thank you, great information. Lord-willing I will start with them after the first of the year.
  14. Failed Nclex after 2 years now what?

    ilovelife1234 you are close. keep going. stay with it. do not give up. your scores will climb. in order to pass nclex, as you may already know, you do not have to be above the passing standard in all categories. It sounds like you ran out ...
  15. failed NCLEX in 75 questions

    You are very close. Did you do the in-person kaplan? I felt the same way sometimes, about the questions driving me nuts. For me it was the karma of procrastination and trying to fake my way through the material while in nursing school coming back to ...