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  1. Texas Tech RN to BSN Fall 2018

    Hello! I have applied to the Texas Tech RN to BSN program for the Fall 2018 start date. Has anyone else gotten acceptance letters yet or heard when they may be sending them out? I head that since they have a rolling admission they are continually sen...
  2. Texas Tech RN to BSN 2018

    Im applying for TT for the fall of 2018 into the Rn to BSN program. Can anyone give me some information on the program such as, class length, course work load, etc. is the two semester option all that bad while working full time? Acceptance rates for...
  3. 2018 Texas Health Resources GN

    I was offered a position for THR Plano this evening. Super excited! Cant wait to hurry up; graduate and pass the NCLEX now. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. 2018 Texas Health Resources GN

    which THR hospital are you doing your phone interview with? Good luck to you!
  5. 2018 Texas Health Resources GN

    Its a surgical floor for the most part. I felt like it went really well. They said I would here something by tomorrow or Monday. Fingers crossed.
  6. 2018 Texas Health Resources GN

    I have my interview today at Plano. Ill let you guys know how it goes. Wish me luck!!