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  1. Mobe123

    RN eye protection for phototherapy

    Turning the light off to do an assessment or cares is my usual tactic for less critical babes. Recently though, we have had a few babes that needed to be under the lights at all times including feeds. I had to hold with the bili blanket for a full hour with each feed; even though most of it was covered with a swaddle light still seeped out. I’ve also been in rooms 1:1 with babes needing phototherapy. In those situations I can’t leave the room or turn off the phototherapy lights. I turn the overhead lights on to lessen the contrast, but I still find the light very bothersome. These are the types of situations where I wonder if tinted glasses or something would make a difference.
  2. Mobe123

    RN eye protection for phototherapy

    Hi, I was wondering if any hospitals provide PPE specifically for nurses caring for babies under photo therapy? I know that “prolonged exposure” can be harmful for retinas, but Is that is in one setting or cumulative. I find the light really bothersome when I am in a room for more than a few minutes, and feel like everything I look at once I step out has an orange hue. Just wondering if anyone has fancy glasses for nursing that help, if your hospital provides them, if you bought them etc...
  3. Mobe123

    Can I make it in CA?

    I am wrapping up my first year as a RN in the ICU at Mayo. I lived in CA 10 years ago and worked as a teacher, and I ache to go back. Is it realistic that I can survive on nursing wages in the Davis area? Or somewhere bearish the coast (thinking of warm San Diego) I don’t feel a huge pull to live in a big city, prefer the smaller communities, even if that means a commute. I have a bachelors of education, associates of nursing, and will soon finish my BSN. I am a single mom with 2 kiddos. I’m open to most jobs settings if it financially makes sense and can balance mom life to some degree. thank you!
  4. I have been trying to find information regarding cath lab procedures for women who are menstrating, especially if the doctor will be using the femoral veins/arteries. Does anyone have experience with this? Can the patient use a tampon? A menstal cup? Disposable chucks pad with peri care? I am a a nursing student about to have a cardiac ablation done to treat AVNRT. The timing looks as though I may be in the middle or tail end of my period, it's difficult to predict or think about my cycle when planing 2 months out. Both femoral veins will be used for the ablation. I have googled and searched and I can't find any information regarding prep/nursing care for the menstrating cathlab patient. I'm curious not only for myself, but as a future nurse. What do you do to care and prep for menstrating women?