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  1. bfg1997

    ER Overtime?

    I am a student but figured I would ask this question in the Nurse section. How much overtime can I realistically pick up on a regular basis if I wish to work in the ER? I'm sure this varies greatly with the employer, but I've seen several job offerings (I look sometimes when i'm bored) and they're often 12 hr shifts 3 days a week. Can you usually pick up extra shifts easily?
  2. Hey all, I just got admitted to my first choice BSN program as a transfer student and they have given me the option of starting clinicals in the fall semester as long as I take classes there over the summer. However, I obviously need a health clearance prior to this, and that requires a three-part Hep B vaccine that totals 7 months. I start in September and it's almost May, so that's less than 5 months. Would I be given a temp. clearance or barred completely? If I can't start in the fall, my clinicals will be delayed until Fall 2020 which is obviously not ideal. I'm sure it varies by campus but does anyone have any experience with this??
  3. bfg1997

    Looking at my options

    This is my first post, and although I've been a long-time lurker, I'm not terribly familiar with the forums so I hope I've posted this topic in the correct sub-forum. If not, my apologies in advance. A while back I decided entering the medical field would be something of interest to me, but I'm still very undecided on what I'd like to accomplish. I know nursing is of great interest to me, so at the minimum I'd like to attend a nursing program and potentially return for my masters. This year I'm finishing up all my pre-reqs at my 2 Year Institution (AP I+II, Chem, Microbiology, etc) and plan on transferring into a 4 Year Institution for my bachelors. My college GPA thus far has been 3.55, however, I never took the SATs or ACT. I believe that most colleges do not require scores for those tests if you already hold an associate's degree, though. I've made a list of schools I'd like to apply to, and if anyone here is familiar with any of them or is an alumni, any insight, advice, tips, or thoughts on my chances of admission would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Temple University The College of New Jersey Villanova UNC Chapel Hill U-Illinois Chicago Thomas Jefferson University Also, will not having any EC's hinder me from getting into a nursing program? I regret not joining any clubs or volunteering, but I've been employed at UPS for some time now and night shifts make it so half my day is shot. Thanks for reading and hope everyone here has a great day