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  1. Mandy0910

    Helene Fuld LPN-RN schedule

    Hi guys! I'm thinking of going to Helene Fuld for the lpn bridge program. I have called and left messages asking to speak to an advisor before I apply but no ones got back to me yet. Can someone who went to this school please tell me what the class schedule is like? I heard you can do long days like 9-9. I really want to get my RN but with my schedule I can only go to school like 2 days a week so that would be perfect for me.
  2. I just graduated an LPN program in NY and I'm taking my NCLEX next week. During my clinicals an RN that I shadowed for the day told me she got her RN associates in only one year through an online school based in Florida. She had to fly down to Florida once a month and stay the weekend for clinical hours. But that was it she got her associates in one year (probably had pre req classes before the nursing program.) I cannot remember what the name of the program is I'm interested because it sounds to good to be true. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Mandy0910

    Hospital based lpn to rn program

    I'm sorry if I'm making no sense I tried to do some independent research on this and got no where. I'm enrolled in an lpn program and I would like to go on and get my rn but I'm not financially in a place where I can go straight back to school, I'll have to work for a while first. I heard from classmates there are hospitals that help pay for school if you agree to work for them for some time. Is this true or just rumor? If true how does this work and does anyone know any in the ny state or NYC area?