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  1. ccuRN24

    Need Honest Answers

    What kinds of jobs can ACNP have that aren’t in hospital? Maybe urgent care? I have always thought I’d go back to school to be a provider, just not this soon. But you’re right I will definitely need to shadow!
  2. ccuRN24

    Need Honest Answers

    The Boston market is definitely flooded I’m sure! I know other Massachusetts cities are so Boston definitely is - this is also a concern, but I haven’t heard anyone say that who actually works here. Two of my friends just graduated and both got jobs right away so I think that may be affecting what I think too.
  3. ccuRN24

    Need Honest Answers

    Thank you for your input! I do really like cardiology and was thinking maybe a clinic position as there aren’t a lot of inpatient cardiology NP positions at my hospital (they are beginning to make some positions). Although I might have to change my place of work - even though I love where I am now! I’ve been trying to put some feelers out but don’t want to “alert” anyone on my unit. I also don’t want to seem sketchy like i’m hiding something, but ultimately I’ve realized I’m furthering my career for myself and shouldn’t care what people are going to say. I’d rather just not have to hear it before I even apply to school!
  4. ccuRN24

    Need Honest Answers

    This is good to know! I will definitely stay per diem at my current job (assuming I would be allowed to - I don’t see why not) so I can still do some bedside critical care. I just no longer want it all the time! Thanks for your input!
  5. ccuRN24

    Need Honest Answers

    Hi everyone! I'm thinking about going back to school, but have so many questions and no one in my personal or work life to ask. I'd also like some brutally honest answers on what you think. I currently have almost 2 years experience working in an ICU that sees mostly cardiac but a little bit of everything (the unit is basically the overflow for other units). Long story short I'm slowly over it. The older nurses are leaving they've said the unit has never been like this (it's been really, really heavy acuity wise for 6 months, trying to call nurses in pretty much everyday) and honestly can't see myself doing this for the next 5 years anymore. I find myself resenting work, resenting patients (we're "fixing" people who will never live a normal life due to pt families not letting them go). This basically isn't the ICU I signed up for in the beginning (I loved it so much - and I feel that 6 months plus to give it a chance to turn around has been very fair). It's turned into a high acuity rehab essentially. Anyway - one of the nurses said if she could do it all over again she would've finished NP school so she could have a nice job that doesn't force you to work nights and weekends and make you feel bad for spending time with your loved ones (or bother you at home constantly). This got me thinking, I always knew I didn't want to stay bedside forever, but now is the time I should start thinking about school as I'd like to be done when I'm in my early 30s (late 20s now). My reasoning is for better hours (haven't spent a full weekend with my family in months due to scheduling - want to be with my kids that I don't currently have haha), not inpatient where I'm working nights and weekends (wouldn't mind clinic or inpatient where I can oversee a few patients), and I've wanted a higher degree in my field with more autonomy so this has somewhat been in the back of my mind, I had just thought I'd stay bedside for longer. Are these good reasons? Need brutal honesty. Then, I'd need to decide critical care or family NP. Again, I don't want to be working in the actual ICU as an NP (one of my friends has a job on the floor where it's only weekday day shifts and they oversee 5 patients) so maybe critical care isn't even a good option and I should go with FNP instead, but I'm wondering if with either of these I would be limiting myself. I also work in critical care now so I'm not sure if FNP doesn't really make sense. I love critical care, but can't actually see myself being a provider on the unit at that level if that makes sense. Furthermore, I will need to be able to work during the time I'm in school (nursing is already my second degree) and I have some loans from that. Has anyone done an online program? Or do they not suggest it? Money will definitely be a deciding factor for me school-wise as I have loans from undergrad, post bac BSN, and now this. I'll also need to keep my job for insurance, etc. and probably won't be able to go down too much in hours (could maybe swing 24). I have so many more questions, but I've made this long enough. I really appreciate any and all feedback as I feel like I'm in a rut right now!
  6. ccuRN24

    Masters in Clinical Management

    Hi all! I'm currently thinking of going back to school as my postbac college is offering a 100% tuition scholarship for certain masters programs. I will admit I am a new ICU nurse (and new in general - I was lucky enough to get my ideal start in an ICU), but have always planned to leave the bedside after a few years and this would save me so much money. I will still continue to work full time while I go to school part time and school will take approximately 2 years. I hadn't thought much about what I wanted to do after bedside as I always thought it was a long way off, but am now reconsidering as this offer has come up. I've also always wanted to be a medical device/product educator on the side when I gained more experience. Mainly my question is what can I do with a masters in clinical management? This seems like the masters I am most interested in and I will admit I didn't know which masters I would be interested in before this came up. I've tried looking online and it seems pretty broad to me so i'd love to get some input from other nurses. Thanks so much!
  7. I recently graduated and passed my NCLEX and have a job lined up. I took two weeks off around the holidays to just relax and not think about nursing. I had access to Hurst, Kaplan, and UWorld. Honestly, I only did about 1000 questions on UWorld and read all of the rationales. I thought this was the most helpful. I really didn't go through Kaplan (I got it for free) and reviewed the Hurst book a bit. I didn't put a time limit on studying each day because I realized I was blowing through questions just to get to my goal of 150 questions for that day. Questions are definitely the way to go! While studying I had a hospital job that I went to very little (it was far away from me, I didn't want to cloud my brain with non perfect NCLEX scenarios). Instead, I babysat for a little side gig. I'd do something small if you can so you at least have some spending money. If you don't already have a job at a hospital I wouldn't spend your time applying for one now. Plus, once you receive your RN license states have different rules on whether or not you can continue to work as an aide. I'd go for a job that you can get rather quickly! I really wanted a new grad residency program so I applied only to those programs before I received my RN license number. I found a lot of places that didn't have programs required me to type in a license number to move on, which I didn't have, so it turned out to be a huge waste of time for me. New grad programs know that you probably won't have a license when you apply and they don't require one in order to move through the process (from what I've experienced). That being said, definitely apply if you want something! I had planned on applying to non-new grad program jobs once I received my license number, but if you find the jobs around you still accept applications without then definitely apply! Hopefully some of this helped! Good luck on NCLEX!
  8. ccuRN24

    Book for new grad in Cardiac ICU

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any suggestions for books I can buy (not textbooks) that would be helpful to a new grad starting in the ICU? Maybe something similar to ICU Made Easy? I want something that I can brush up on information pretty easily that also puts it in an easy to read format. Thanks in advance!
  9. ccuRN24

    UMass Memorial Residency (Worcester)

    i no longer have the sheet but the timeline was something like this: first round of interviews started last week and everyone should hear by the 26th or 29th second interviews (with managers) will be first or second week of february. and then i believe it doesn't start until sometime in march. (kind of a long time to wait if you ask me!)
  10. I know I was like that's the whole summer depending on when we start! I'm not sure if we aren't guaranteed a job until 2 weeks in or just a unit? So nerve wracking! Also if it starts the 5th that's a short turn around for us to find out and then for it to start so I hope it's earlier! I'm also curious as to what the hours are like and if it's only 36 do we only go 3 times a week? And do we work when our preceptor works? I should've asked yesterday!
  11. I had it yesterday! It wasn't what I was expecting, but nurses are adaptable hahah. So it seems the program is 6 months. I was so nervous when she was explaining it I missed half of it! Good luck at yours!!
  12. Does anyone know anything about BMC like pay, benefits, parking, literally anything at all about how the program is run? I've been dying to find out any information!
  13. So I'm thinking it might not be the first week in February? Selfishly trying to plan a quick little trip, but would obviously take a job over that!!
  14. ccuRN24

    SICU Patients?

    Thank you marienm! My hospital is similar to that.
  15. ccuRN24

    SICU Patients?

    Thank you! Your response was very helpful!!