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    TAMU Second Degree BSN stats

    Hello all, I'm incredibly new to this forum. I've been looking into the second degree BSN program at Texas A&M University. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies that I received in 2014, and I've since been working admin in an outpatient plastic surgery center. Working in a medical office has really made me realize that I want to become a nurse! Since I have a BA, I know I'm going to have several science prereqs to take before I even get close to applying. At this point, I'm thinking I may Apply in the next 2-3 years. My total GPA from my undergrad was 3.8. I'm just looking for general info on the stats/gpa of people who've been accepted into the TAMU second degree program, info on competitiveness, and any other relevant information (like, did any of you have a BA as well? Or a degree in something totally non-science related? I'm worried that not having a science background will hurt my chances...). thanks in advance!