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Connor327 is a ASN, RN and specializes in PICU, NICU.

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  1. I just started my job in PICU a few weeks ago and I am so unsatisfied with the unit. I love critical care and children, but our unit is so slow right now because of coronavirus (and it being Summer). I feel like I'm not learning anything. Just last week we only had 3 kids in the whole unit and they weren't even critical. I'm just scared I won't become a good nurse after orientation because I haven't been exposed to much! I'm off orientation in fall and that's when the unit starts to get busier with RSV cases. Any tips on how to bridge the gap so I can become competent later on? I'm just super defeated right now and don't know what to do.
  2. Connor327

    Taking NCLEX soon during COVID.

    I took NCLEX on June 1st and passed with 60 questions! I used Mark Klemik audios and Hurst Review (500 qbank questions and all 4 tests). Took me about 40 minutes to test. Overall the people at the center were really nice. Just make sure to wear a mask and bring your driver’s license and you’re good to go! I’m hoping for the best and can’t wait to hear how you do!!
  3. Connor327

    LPN to RN online

    That is awful!!!
  4. Connor327


    Thank you dear! Wasn't sure where to post it :)
  5. Connor327


    Hey Everyone!! I just got accepted to Louisiana Tech University's ASN program. I'm a senior in high school so I'll be going straight into the clinical component. Is anyone else going to LA Tech and what was starting off nursing school like??
  6. Connor327


    Ya'll!!! I have a 97 in A&P 1!! My teacher just now uploaded all of our grades so far, so I just now saw it. I was so nervous for this class, so I can't believe I'm doing this well. If anyone has questions of how to study or whatever, please ask! I just wanted to brag on myself a little for working my ASS off in this class:D. Btw, for nursing school, did most of ya'll have to write an essay? if so, I'm kinda struggling with mine and I need some help. Thanks!
  7. Connor327

    Houston - Warner Robins: RN shift diff

    Yes, you can find that easily on their website.
  8. Connor327

    New PCT, Help??

    Thank you so much. I still can't believe I got the job. I can't wait to start my nursing journey :)
  9. Connor327

    New PCT, Help??

    Ya'll are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for the advice, I'll carry it with me everywhere :) :)
  10. Connor327

    New PCT, Help??

    Hi everyone, I recently was hired at a hospital as a PCT. This is my first job I've ever had (I'm 18 by the way) and honestly I don't know what to expect. I was hired on the Acute Med/Surg floor of the hospital. Could any of y'all tell me your experiences on this type of floor? What are the patients like? Is it fast paced? Thanks!
  11. Connor327


    That's so cool! I'm actually getting an interview on the 3rd as well for PCT in med/surg. Good luck!

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