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  1. DaveICURN

    Transgender man has stillbirth

    Please move to appropriate section as needed. https://apnews.com/b5e7bb73c6134d58a0df9e1cee2fb8ad This article denotes something that the nurses in my area have wondered about since early 2015. To summarize; "When the man arrived at the hospital with severe abdominal pains, a nurse didn’t consider it an emergency, noting that he was obese and had stopped taking blood pressure medicines. In reality, he was pregnant — a transgender man in labor that was about to end in a stillbirth." In school we were informed by our nursing instructor that the typical S/S of a heart attack were taken from male patient complaints. She went on the explain that the female patient has a diverse and varied complaints when it comes to heart attacks. We should use caution and critical thinking to allow us to come to a conclusion on pt condition during a possible heart attack. Enter now the necessary doublethink that must occur when dealing with the trans-gendered community. You look, talk, reports as, and have legal documents stating your are a man, but I as a healthcare professional need to treat you as a woman. This, as the article has shown, is going to increase the number of inappropriate treatments and misdiagnosed issues, especially in trauma and emergent situations. This is something that we as healthcare providers need to begin to have conversations about to ensure own own safety in our professional lives.
  2. DaveICURN

    Are We Too PC?

    In and of itself there is nothing wrong with spirit of kindness and consideration of the PC culture. For a movement attempting to foster inclusiveness and understanding is a noble goal and a worthwhile endeavor. However, this should only be a personal undertaking to begin change in a micro-social environment. The issue for me becomes when we expand it to the macro-social environment, specifically State and Federal government. To enact laws to enforce people to change speech, begrudging companies to change their policy to limit speech/ exposure of people whom are deemed Offensive, or cast titles on anyone who has differing opinion as an -ism are all symptoms that is causing the multilayered push back in American society.
  3. DaveICURN

    ECG interpretation

    With these lines in mind, it seems that the strip provided doesn't fit. The measurement on the info provided shows a gradual elongation in the PR interval from .20-.24. This would imply a Wenkebach. However, there is no P wave preceding the pause. So it would appear that there is a pacemaker, SA node, issue. This may explain the bradycardia and the heart block. 1. Get a 12 lead EKG 2. Might administer Atropine to increase HR and see if further cardiac issues arise. I for one am interested to see what the correct answer on this test is. Good Luck!