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  1. Rachellynn11

    Associates or BSN?

    Hi everyone! I need a bit of advice considering at Housatonic the advising has been a bit contradicting for me. I'm getting all sorts of opinions on this and have been anxiety ridden over what my next step should be. So, I have a Bachelor's (Liberal Arts) I am done with my nursing pre-reqs this semester. I wanted to apply to the community college system to get my associate's rather than do the accelerated BSN program. 1. Because I am already in student loan debt and can not take out anymore to pay for another university tuition and 2. I feel a calendar year straight of nursing classes may be overwhelming for me due to my style of learning. However, one of my professors told me that is the most idiotic thing she has ever heard - someone with a bachelors to go to the "totem pole" of nursing programs. It really discouraged me. Will I be able to find a job with an associates? I understand Yale is pushing for BSN but as long as you show proof you are going to obtain it you should be okay. Any advice???
  2. Rachellynn11

    Starting school in late twenties

    Hi everyone! I am SO thankful I found this thread. I am 26 and decided to start all over again by pursuing a nursing degree. I graduated with a liberal studies degree that got me absolutely no where. (at least not with a job with purpose!) At times I feel down because I feel older, I'm also very nervous about my transcript back in my undergrad because I didn't take school serious. I am taking my pre-reqs now and I am doing so well but I still fear the rejection. Any stories that are similar? Best of luck to all you amazing ladies! and men too! :)

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