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  1. Younglola27

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad RN Program - Winter 2022 Cohort

    hii I put cardiac step down as my first choice as well !! still no update from “under consideration” as well
  2. hi ICU was my first choice but I was offered neuro tele at saint joes burbank
  3. I interviewed last Monday (11/01). good luck to everyone waiting to hear back as well! sending positivity to all ✨
  4. hey This is for the saint Joseph at Burbank!
  5. hey guys I checked my portal and it changed to “RN Resident - assigned unit” so does this mean I’ll be getting an offer? my top choice was ICU but still glad nonetheless if I do get offered a position!!
  6. Younglola27

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad RN Program - Winter 2022 Cohort

    just checked my status, mine is also under consideration
  7. Younglola27

    Stanford New Grad March 2022

    my bad OMG!! mine is pretty much complete except for those short responses haha gonna finish it by the end of the day
  8. I also interviewed last Monday w/ saint joes at Burbank. Still no change from my "interview step-scheduled." hopefully we hear back soon my anxiety can't take it anymore aahhh
  9. Younglola27

    Stanford New Grad March 2022

    hey guys! did they close the applications? I typed in "new grad" under jobs but I don't see the application 😕 ***nvm, found it haha***
  10. Younglola27

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad RN Program - Winter 2022 Cohort

    yay thanks for starting the post! just submitted mine. good luck to everyone who applied! rooting for us all
  11. Younglola27

    APU 2+2 SPRING 2020

    So for first semester, you guys will be on campus from Tuesday-Thursday. At least that’s how our schedule is like. First half of the semester you will be in skills lab doing skills and practicing checkoffs (vital signs, post-op care, med pass, Foley ...
  12. Younglola27

    CSU Bakersfield Fall 2019

    Judging around reading last year’s post, they heard back around early-mid June. I decided not to apply to CSUB and transfer to a BSN program 2 hours away for 2 years!
  13. Younglola27

    CSU Bakersfield Fall 2019

    Hey there! I made a post regarding for fall 2019 but glad I came across yours haha! I currently go to Bakersfield's CC with Micro left which I'll be taking in the Spring). My boyfriend graduated at CSUB's nursing program this year and whenever I get ...
  14. Younglola27

    FALL 2019 CSUB Nursing

    Hi! I am on the same boat as you as well. I only have Micro left which I will be taking in the Spring. So my predicted stats are (based on the prereq scoring guide): Prereq GPA: 3.61 Science/Math GPA: 3.63 Both of which assuming I get a...
  15. Younglola27

    CSUB Fall 2019

    Hello all, I am opening a forum for those applying at CSUB for Fall 2019! :) I currently have Microbiology left which I'll be taking in the Spring! Let's utilize this forum to help out other fellow applicants! I look forward to meeting you all!