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  1. Do any of you guys know of any Evening ADN programs in the Oklahoma . I currently live in OKC so anything in the surrounding areas I would like to know. I have come across some evening LPN programs but they are crazy expensive .
  2. DeAsia2

    Public health degree

    I have finished all my pre-reqs for nursing and could apply for a nursing program at this time , but due to my job in which I am currently active duty military , if I was to be accepted into nursing school I would not be able to do clinicals since I am working a full time job so I will be putting my BSN goals on standby for 3 years. I am currently thinking about getting my BS in public health then finish pursing my BSN when I get out the military in 3 years. Do any of my fellow nurses have any advice on this ? Would a BS in public health be worth pursuing , can a BS in public health be beneficial once I get my BSN in Nursing ?

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