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    LVN not wanted

    I have been an LVN for almost 3 years now. I currently work in a pediatric clinic. I am the only LVN there along with 4 MAs. I have been at this place for almost 2 months. Prior to this place I also worked in a pediatric clinic. I am struggling!!! The MAs have made me feel like they don't want me there. They have stated they have run the clinic without a LVN for a long time. They question the way I do vaccines(like I mentioned I have previous pediatric experience). Also at my previos job we used a different EMR system so I’m also struggling to grasp theirs and ofcouse I ask a lot of questions especially on how things are done here since I did things different where I came from. Like today an 11 yr old pt came in for a vaccine as a nurse visit and didn’t have his yellow card with him so I only gave the vaccine he came in for. Later one of the MAs tells me the MD is upset because I only gave one vaccine and didn’t offer to give TDap which he will need for school. I understand my mistake of not double checking but even the MA scolded me stating “that was the whole point of the visit”. I also feel the MD should of approached me and not the MA. When I administer vaccines this MA goes in to see how I vaccinate. I’m very annoyed I’m trying not to be negative but what can I do? Should I take it to my office manager or should I ignore?

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