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    New Grad in NM situation?

    You just have to apply. I graduated in December. I just took my NCLEX. I recognized a student in my cohort at the testing center who interviewed yesterday in women’s health and was offered a job. My classmate has been interviewing for jobs and she doesn’t have her NCLEX scheduled at all. They have been telling her they will do interviews in March and select their candidates. I haven’t heard of any competition. Just questions being asked about when a student is taking the NCLEX....
  2. kbilly3

    HESI A2 Tips: Ratios and Proportions

    I did math first because I am someone that writes everything down, even with a calculator. I also double check that I typed into the calculator the right equation. MOST of my questions were PROPORTIONS! They were the easy ones too, 5:9 and x:20, solve for x. I had maybe less than five that were in a word problem version. I already knew how to do those but the website that helped me was Ratio and Proportion Worksheet: Writing Ratios(1 of 2). I also used the app- TeenEinstein US 6th/7th Ratios and Proportions. I did not purchase the app but if you get the answer wrong, it will not tell you how to solve it. I just did a couple. I used this website for all my math. It shows the answers too and explained how to do it very well. I also had fractions- add, subtract, multiply and divide. They were mostly like this 1 2/3 minus 4- 4/7. I had ONE with three fractions and multiplying them. I used the YouTube video HESI A2 - Math - Fractions Part 1 - YouTube For the fractions only, the answer needed to be in the nearest tenths, or hundredths place when asked. Learn those. I did not bother to learn conversions but to MEMORIZE a chart. Gallon Man infographic kitchen conversion chart | Good to Know | Pinterest | Gallon man, Kitchen conversion chart and Teacher stuff I used this one for fluids. I would memorize liters though because that was my only conversion I had to do. It asked my liters to gallons. For mm, cm, in, ft, yards, m, km, and miles I created a timeline like conversions chart. time line - Yahoo Image Search Results Underneath each length, I inserted the appropriate conversion. So underneath ft- I put 0.3048m. 12 in., and 30.48 cm. One foot equals all of that. I used her tips and conversions Hesi A2 Math Flashcards | Quizlet I knew I would not be able to memorize it on the top of my head so I repeatedly wrote down my time line chart until I inserted the correct conversions. I had ONE military time and a few PEMDAS equations that were very easy. READING, Vocab, Grammar I did Reading next because I knew I needed to take my time and see what they were asking. I used this free app for all Reading, Vocab and Grammar-CoCo E-Learning HESI A2 Exam Prep 2017 .It is a red and white icon. For vocab I also used Quizlet and typed in HESI A2 2017 Vocab. I chose the ones that were over 100 and those were examples that I had on the test word for word. I used the app too. For grammar, I used that app. I had what word or phrase does not fit in the sentence, finish the sentence by picking the correct word. what is the adverb, what is the independent clause and dependent clause. That is it. Here's some help on clauses, I used this Clause type identification quiz (it really is this easy). Tip- if you whisper the sentence, you will automatically know what doesn't sound right. Chemistry You need to what the numbers are on the chart. Like the atomic number (what it means) and the protons. Know what are the metals and non-metals. I had some questions ask which sentence is true and some options will say "blank is a non-metal." I had one ask what is an isotope. I didn't have any equations. I had a couple of questions asking about acids and bases (it gave the number and asked what it was), solutes and solvents. define an atom, what the charges were for protons, neutrons, electrons. I had various questions on the states of matter like how do particles move. Define the law of conservation of energy. I had another law. It started with an r if that helps. I believe it was a name. Know the compounds- ionic and covalent. I had one mol question. For the periodic table- know the groups 1,2 13-18. Periods 1-4. They asked me about Mg and S and I didn't memorize the numbers or anything. So for the safe side, I would memorize those. HESI A2 - Chemistry - Atomic structure - YouTube I used this for chemistry. Biology I used Quizlet for biology. They asked about meiosis, mitosis. The Krebs Cycle, the mitochondria, ribosomes, peptidoglycan walls, ATP, DNA, smooth ER, what is it called when molecules cross the plasma membrane, hyper/hypotonic solution, adenine, guanine (uracil) thymine cytosine matching. what makes up most of plasma, enzymes/ substrates. punnett square, genotype, phenotype, polypeptides, polar/ nonpolar in the cell. lipids, amino acids. I hoped I clarified everything. I was SO nervous taking it because I didn't study but most questions already had two wrong answers. Use process of elimination. They will include stuff that doesn't even exist. I have a pretty good memory, if I write something repeatedly, I will remember it. That is what I did for the conversions. My own personal piece of advice/trick to this, playing a matching game Pearl's Peril. I swear by this game or any game alike because my memory improved fast. I stopped playing for a week and I noticed a difference in my memory. I know that sounds tacky but I still play it today and do very well in school. Whatever I read, I remember. THAT'S IT! ask me anything that needs to be clarified and I'll let you know. GOOD LUCK!!!

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