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  1. kew38

    NJ/PHIL Hospitals That Accept ASN??

    Not sure if you’re still looking but I graduated with my associates in December 2019 in Pittsburgh and struggled to find a job in South Jersey and Philly. I ended staying in Pittsburgh to do my BSN and get some job experience. I got a few interv...
  2. kew38

    NJ license by endorsement

    Did the fingerprint info come by email or snail mail? Thanks!
  3. kew38

    Capella Flexpath RN to BSN 2020

    I just started my first class. Luckily I have a friend who also had the same start date so we are trying to navigate this together. I do agree with the OP that you are kind of on your own. I felt so overwhelmed the moment I opened up the first a...
  4. kew38

    New Grad Jobs in New Jersey

    That's tough! I got accepted into an online BSN program. I'm going to try and get it done quickly to then try applying again. Where are you doing your BSN through? Hopefully once you have that you'll be in a much better position!
  5. kew38

    Pending license and applying

    I would also like to know if anyone has advice! I am registered in PA and originally from south jersey, but I have not yet dared move until I can secure something.
  6. kew38

    New Grad Jobs in New Jersey

    I've not had much luck either, though I am a new grad, no BSN yet, and have not yet gone through the process of relocating because I do not want to move and not be able to find a job. I've been applying to a bunch of different places in South Jersey ...
  7. kew38

    CHOP 2020?

    I'm trying to catch up on the previous comments, but which start date had you applied for? I applied for July (I don't remember when I put in the app) - I put down ED or Med/Surg. Just a week ago, I got the invite to submit references and my vid...
  8. kew38

    CCAC Spring 2018 Hopefuls

    Once you create your Castle Branch account, you will find the list of specific immunizations.
  9. kew38

    CCAC Spring 2018 Hopefuls

    Received my Allegheny campus packet today.
  10. kew38

    CCAC Spring 2018 Hopefuls

    Got the letter today! Hope everyone else gets theirs soon.
  11. kew38

    CCAC Spring 2018 Hopefuls

    Another CCAC letter on its way today...I think this one is the one we've all been waiting for!
  12. kew38

    CCAC Spring 2018 Hopefuls

    Yes, very disappointing that mine was also the job fair flyer..
  13. kew38

    CCAC Spring 2018 Hopefuls

    Got an email from USPS informed delivery that a CCAC letter is on its way to my mailbox. This just might be the letter...