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  1. BBP42

    Resignation, What To Do With Accrued PTO??

    The last employer I left offered me the option of having PTO accrued paid out in three equal amounts in weekly checks to minimize taxes. I did not take them up on it as I would just as soon have it paid into taxes and owe less come next spring. I did not know the option existed until the HR person asked as it was not listed in our handbook.
  2. BBP42

    Rising insurance premiums through work

    I think he may have meant to say WITHOUT having a PCP? In my state at one time that was true, they required you to see a PCP as part of setting up a Medicaid account and they were named on your medicaid card. I do not believe my state has this as a requirement anymore although they do strongly encourage it.
  3. BBP42

    Scared.....No Nursing?

    I remember working at a nursing home where we had to call several different MDs regularly for labs or change in condition, and there was one everybody dreaded calling because he always asked for a ton of information that others didn't and had no patience for waiting if we had to look something up. I learned to line up everything possible before making the call - their chart open to last set of labs, MAR open to their med list, vitals written down, etc. because he was impatient with me once and I never wanted to go through that again. We have all been there. The issue seems to be more with seeing the big picture in order to anticipate questions and that will improve with time and experience. I have seen more than one new nurse who really wasn't bad driven out by similar situations and that is a shame, because if support and education are provided facilities would end up with better nurses and less turnover. I am glad to hear your facility seems to be willing to manage this situation the right way. Don't be discouraged, you can do this if you are open to the advice and training they seem willing to give you!
  4. BBP42

    First Job: Rehab or Homecare

    I feel like rehab is a better first job because you would theoretically have other nurses working around you that you could turn to if you were unsure of how to handle a situation. In homecare it is just you with 911 for backup. If you mean homecare of the sort where you care for just one patient all day long, that is not going to provide the variety of exposure you need to learn as a new nurse. I did my first couple of years in rehab and learned A LOT and had no difficulty moving on to what I really wanted to do.
  5. BBP42

    Medicare SN frequencies

    I don't know if that breaks any rules but our software does not allow for 0 in the frequency box. So we need to either write a number for every 2 weeks or for monthly as another poster suggested for our system to accept it.
  6. BBP42

    Medicare SN frequencies

    I say one visit every two weeks for two weeks, then continue with 1w whatever. Our computer allows for that, not sure if your system does.
  7. As of next year my employer is also offering a plan costing the same weekly as the current year's option, which restricts non-emergent care to their own hospital system, and a more expensive PPO. The restricted options do not impact me as I do not have specialists or chronic conditions, I mainly do a somewhat annual checkup and routine screenings and already use my own company's services for these. I am also double covered by my spouse's insurance that does not have those restrictions. So I am happy to stay with the less expensive plan. However, I do have several coworkers who are upset by the changes and I understand their situations. I am constantly weighing several factors to decide if I stay put or start looking, and insurance is a big component in that decision along with factors mentioned by other posters: pay, schedule, coworkers, 401K matching and PTO. There are certainly plenty of jobs out there if I feel the need to move on. It looks like this is a growing trend and will have to be part of the job search decision for all of us in the future.
  8. BBP42

    Point Click Care and BM charting

    Where I worked with point click care it popped up as an alert if anyone had been 72hrs without one charted or with only small charted, and we also looked in reports
  9. BBP42

    It will take me 7 years just for a bsn.

    I also got a 2 year ASN degree that took 4 years to obtain including the prereqs, and I went full time as well as took a summer class every year. Yet I graduated with my RN, passed NCLEX, and had no student loan debt. Totally worth it. Many coworkers were drowning in student loan payments, and I got to keep my money. I had no difficulty finding a job. It was a good path for me.
  10. BBP42


    Agree with Coffee that it is rarely accurate, in my last facility every new admit got I&O for the first 72 hours, every CHF patient stayed on it the whole time they were there, anyone on a fluid restriction or with s/sx dehydration or elevated kidney function labs, it was ridiculous. And all it takes is one person who forgot they refilled the water pitcher or emptied the urinal to screw it up for the day. Ratios are too high for this to get done well, as well as patients having family members bring in outside fluids or some staff counting drinks they brought in regardless of if they got thrown away...
  11. BBP42

    individual emergency plan-home health

    My agency has a one page form which lists diagnosis, allergies, emergency contact person, check boxes for insulin dependent, oxygen dependent, IV medications administered in the home, pacemaker, if they would require outside assistance (ambulance) to evacuate, how they ambulate (if w/c bound, etc), contact precautions in place, special diet required, if they have a generator available. We upload a copy into the medical record and leave a hard copy in the home.
  12. BBP42

    Checking placement of Gtube

    As far as I learned i school the pH check is the gold standard for checking placement. The last facility I worked for did not even have the materials to check this way, so we used the instill air method. Checking the color seems rather unreliable to me.
  13. BBP42

    Weekend program in home health

    At my agency weekend plan is 3 SOC max per day for 3 days and you get paid for 40 hours salaried for that
  14. BBP42

    Lvn home health

    In my company mostly routine wound care, including wound vacs and emptying pleural drains, diabetic, COPD and CHF education.
  15. BBP42

    Requesting to be laid off?

    Many years back the company where I was working did something similar to me, "your position is no longer needed but you can take this other job at a different location." I quit and filed for unemployment (in the state of RI) and explained exactly what happened, that the alternate position offered was not feasible for me due to child care issues, and my unemployment was granted. So even if you end up quitting I would say filing for unemployment was worth a shot, as long as you are honest in what you report to them the worst they can say is no, right?