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  1. BBP42

    Point Click Care and BM charting

    Where I worked with point click care it popped up as an alert if anyone had been 72hrs without one charted or with only small charted, and we also looked in reports
  2. BBP42

    It will take me 7 years just for a bsn.

    I also got a 2 year ASN degree that took 4 years to obtain including the prereqs, and I went full time as well as took a summer class every year. Yet I graduated with my RN, passed NCLEX, and had no student loan debt. Totally worth it. Many coworkers were drowning in student loan payments, and I got to keep my money. I had no difficulty finding a job. It was a good path for me.
  3. BBP42


    Agree with Coffee that it is rarely accurate, in my last facility every new admit got I&O for the first 72 hours, every CHF patient stayed on it the whole time they were there, anyone on a fluid restriction or with s/sx dehydration or elevated kidney function labs, it was ridiculous. And all it takes is one person who forgot they refilled the water pitcher or emptied the urinal to screw it up for the day. Ratios are too high for this to get done well, as well as patients having family members bring in outside fluids or some staff counting drinks they brought in regardless of if they got thrown away...
  4. BBP42

    Checking placement of Gtube

    As far as I learned i school the pH check is the gold standard for checking placement. The last facility I worked for did not even have the materials to check this way, so we used the instill air method. Checking the color seems rather unreliable to me.
  5. BBP42

    Weekend program in home health

    At my agency weekend plan is 3 SOC max per day for 3 days and you get paid for 40 hours salaried for that
  6. The RN program I attended had 6 classroom hours/16 clinical hours per week. So we had a lot of clinical time. I felt educated enough about diseases, medications, etc. but not procedures. I found that during clinicals we got very little real practice. The hospitals here do not allow students to perform certain tasks (i.e. IV push meds) at all, and most other skills can only be performed with the clinical instructor's supervision, and she would be watching eight nurses, meaning we only got about an hour each of her time max each day. The rest of the time, we were basically writing endless care plans for our assigned patients or performing CNA work, which is fine but not teaching us the real work of being a nurse. Skills labs are great places to practice, but I personally only inserted foleys in a couple of living breathing people during the whole nursing program. I did no dressing changes on live people, I only observed a lot of them. We didn't insert NG tubes on live people. Just to name a few skills that we have to learn really quick once we hit the real world.
  7. BBP42

    What to look for in a job

    What was important to me in my first job was if they were willing to give me adequate orientation, the places I have worked have all offered a 2-3 month orientation period for new graduate nurses but I have heard of places that give you a week or a few days. That is asking for trouble.
  8. The last facility I worked in paid an extra $10/hour to nurses who stayed over for all or part of the next shift to cover callouts. Someone was pretty much always willing to work for overtime +$10. If no one volunteered then someone got mandated. They made at least some effort to spread it around and not force the same people to stay repeatedly. They had a harder time getting CNAs to stay, sometimes they paid nurses nurse pay plus $10 to cover CNA callouts. That makes for one expensive CNA.
  9. BBP42

    Frustrated...advice about suspension

    I have never received a write up as a nurse, but I have in a previous job. Many people at that job would refuse to sign the forms, the HR person would just write refused, the write up still stands. Signing the paper was just acknowledging that you received your copy. The advice I was given was to add under the signature that you would be responding in writing within 24 hours. Then you had time to cool off, write up your side of the story, and it would be in your file along with the write up. Unless your form is something unusual, your signature just means you were notified of the warning/suspension. There is really no reason I see not to sign and then provide your incident report for your file.
  10. BBP42

    Who may witness medication waste

    Re: Night shift long term care, we lock up the waste and waste with the person we count narcs with who is taking over in the AM where I worked
  11. BBP42

    Med error

    As a charge one night I had to call our facility's medical director because one of my coworkers on the Alzheimer's unit had left meds including Quetiapine in a cup on top of her cart and rushed away to stop a resident from falling. Another resident, who ambulated independently, walked over and took the pills. I remember the doc laughed, asked for the vitals, and said not to worry, she will probably sleep well tonight if anything. You learned a good lesson and hopefully the patient will be fine.
  12. BBP42

    PT's and Medication....

    At my agency if a therapist does the admit they do a med reconciliation only and nursing has a follow up visit for the med teaching. I think the therapists should at least be doing anticoagulant teaching though as many stable orthos are sent home with Lovenox, etc. and it is often a new med for them. Even if you just prepare a handout about anticoagulant precautions for the therapists to give to applicable patients on admission.
  13. BBP42

    Workplace Drug Test

    I had a hair drug test once years ago. They took a tiny section and they lifted most of my hair up and took it from the upper nape of my neck where it would not be visible no matter how I wore my hair. They don't need "chunks"- no worries even if a job requires this!
  14. BBP42

    Length of Time Body Can Stay in Bed After Death?

    At the one facility I worked in, my experience was that we allowed the family members as long as they felt they needed after death, some just wanted a few moments and some families gathered at the bedside together for several hours. And as far as picking up belongings, we always told them no rush, usually they came within a day or two but we didn't want to give them any additional stress at a difficult time. If they took a ridiculous amount of time, we could pack things up for them and put in our storage room until they could come. We had no hard and fast rules.
  15. BBP42

    S/P Hernia Repair??

    I think if something looks off to you, the safest way to CYA is call the surgeon and describe what you see and ask. And if they say this is nothing to worry about, chart the conversation to CYA. They know the exact procedure done and any complications that happened during surgery that might have caused increased swelling/bruising.
  16. BBP42

    When you interview future employees

    I think every application I have completed has a check box for may or may not contact current employer. Most places understand that an employee may not want their current employer aware that they are shopping around. If you have several other good references including coworkers at current job and supervisors at previous jobs, that seems like it would generally be acceptable.