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  1. alextosian

    LA Pierce College Spring 2020

    That's awesome that you've heard from them! Just curious when did you get an email regarding the TEAS invite? Also did they send it to your personal email or your laccd email account? Sorry to be nosey lol Ive been obsessively checking both email accounts The waiting is the worst!
  2. alextosian

    LA Pierce College Spring 2020

    Hey guys! I applied also but haven't heard anything yet. Hoping to get an email about the TEAS soon. Does anyone know when the deadline is, in terms of letting us know if we were accepted or not?
  3. Hello fellow future / current Nurses ! My name is Alex Tosian and I am in the application process for Northeastern's ABSN Program for Spring 2020, located in Charlotte, NC. Is anyone else applying? Or if anyone has attended there in the past I would love to hear about your experience :)