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  1. Read in its entirety: Splitting ventilators to provide titrated support to a large group of patients
  2. nursejulie429

    Visiting Atlanta

    I've lived in the metro Atlanta area for 30+ years and I ditto everything A&OxNone said. Everything about your life in the metro ATL area is based on traffic patterns. Rush hour is typically anywhere from 4 pm to 7 pm all in and around the city. Regarding employers, I worked at CHOA (Egleston and Hughes Spalding) for 8 years combined. They have been seeking magnet status for over a decade and (my opinion) are absolutely obsessed with obtaining it. You will have a hard time getting hired by CHOA without your BSN. CHOA is: Egleston (Atlanta address but really in Decatur-they're down the street from Emory and the CDC), Scottish Rite (North of the city of Atlanta) and Hughes Spalding. East Cobb, Cherokee County and Johns Creek have good schools and closest of the CHOA campuses would be Scottish. Again, you're not likely to be hired until you have your BSN and it's competitive! You might have to work nights/ weekends or rotating shifts. As for Wellstar, their nickname among all the nurses I know is, "Hellstar" if that tells you anything. Your best bet for employment, if you move north of the perimeter to one the areas mentioned to you, is Northside. Also, you might want to look at Cherokee County aka Woodstock. It has great schools and 2 Northside campuses not too far away. Unfortunately for you though, tons have figured that out so affordable housing goes FAST! Houses in my neighborhood sell in about a month or less. Hope this has helped. Best of Luck to you and your family!

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