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  1. Vicki17

    First Position - How to not look dumb?

    Thank you!! I guess I'm just nervous. Excited too 🙂
  2. Hi. I'm starting my first position as a night tele nurse next week. Unfortunately, somehow in school I just didn't get a chance to practice several skills, at least not successfully, including folly catheter insertion or a successful IV. While my work has a residency program, to my knowledge it's not super long or in depth. More about policies and orientation, etc. So I guess my question is, what is the best way to go about getting help without being annoying to my co-workers? I don't want to impair the safety of patients and I know these skills can be gotten down once I do them a few times. I just don't want people mad at me for asking for help.
  3. Vicki17

    CSULB FALL 2020

    Thank you! Perhaps I will check in after that if I haven't gotten more information from my classmates. Best of luck to all of you!
  4. Vicki17

    CSULB FALL 2020

    Hello future CSULB nursing students. CONGRATS to all of you that got in and will be attending this fall. I am going to be a 5th semester student and oddly am not here to offer advice (though can if asked). This will seem inappropriate but I don't care. I'm desperate. I honestly just wanted to know if any of you have had much communication from the school about Fall semester. Have you received your schedules or registered for classes? Has anyone heard what is going on with COVID-19 and getting back into the hospitals (for students)? I feel I've just been abandoned by the school. I can't even get on to beachboard (the schools student site). I know they are still figuring things out but at this point I don't believe they will have us back in fall and I guess if you guys are scheduling and what not that would give me hope. I realize I could ask my fellow classmates, but they are in the same position and I don't want to keep losing points pestering the administration.
  5. I can only speak for myself and hope I don't offend. I think a lot of this comes from age and experience. I used to be super annoyed when people made small mistakes or didn't do it the way I wanted. I think I've matured a lot and you realize that people aren't trying to be "bad" or that they don't care. Everyone is different and has different learning curves, etc. Learn to appreciate people are trying, give help where you see someone is having a problem, never assume you know why they made a mistake. For example, charting not done, don't go at it like "hey, I need you to chart!" and leave it at that, ask if they are running into something that is preventing them. Maybe they had a patient in distress upon doing their assessment and couldn't get to the documentation yet. Maybe they really need help in time management but you don't know. Use your therapeutic communication with your team as well as patients. That being said, yes some people will take advantage of people with good natures or just mess up or whatever, but I really suggest not assuming that or that is what you will get from them. Allow people to try and do their job, it won't always be the same as you but does it get the same result? Again, a lot of this comes from experience. But if you are talking about students, then you are all in the same boat right now and learning. So work together.
  6. Vicki17

    Working while attending school

    I have personally found it very difficult. But I also have a child. I had to reduce to part time. For first semester, we only had 1 clinical day but had care planning which was another full day before (and night in many cases). 2nd semester was two full clinical days (12 hours) plus careplanning, plus classes. So I'm not sure how your school works that you only have classes in the morning. Make sure to account for clinical and not just your lectures. Lecture was nothing compared to the amount of clinical preparation and time we had to do and that can be under estimated when you aren't familiar yet with the requirements. Best of luck to you and good luck.
  7. Vicki17

    A Nurses Duty to act

    Wouldn't that be anyone's duty? If you live or in a home with another and there is an emergency, to ignore and watch them suffer or die would be at the least immoral, at the most illegal I would imagine. Maybe I'm not understanding your question.
  8. If the cost for that private school is 3500 a semester then it doesn't seem over the top. But I also don't see how that adds up to 40K as you mentioned in the title so I'm not sure if you are talking about the same school. My state school is about 5K a semester and prices keep going up. Maybe state schools where you are seem cheaper. If you can't get in anywhere else and this school as accredited and people there get the kind of jobs you like then I seems OK. But 40k is a lot so do your research.
  9. Vicki17

    CSULB BSN Fall 2018

    steven.kim - to answer your question in case someone hasn't, the programs are the same in that they are 5 semesters. But the trimester has summers. So if you did trimester starting in fall you would graduate after spring 2020. Semester would be about 9 months later, so yes about 3 years
  10. Vicki17

    CSULB Spring 2018

    It's hard to say since we don't know what your current education is. Also what is ALI? My own suggestion is, if you haven't started yet at CSULB, then read up on what pre-requisites you need. If you already have some college or a degree, you will need to find out if your classes transfer and are accepted. Otherwise, the best option in my opinion, is to go to a community college, get your nursing prerequisites done and your general education requirements (English, math, etc.) and then apply to a nursing program. In the mean time if you are in California you will also get residency (maybe, I'm not sure legally how this works), and 4 year college will be cheaper and you would be more likely to be accepted as nursing is impacted. It's best to talk to someone at a community college or at LB to get the exact things you need to do. And definitely work on your English skills, as it's a requirement for nursing as well. Best of luck to you.
  11. Vicki17

    Is Nutrition course really the hardest course?

    Haha not even close! I'm taking it online and maybe that makes a difference? There is a lot to learn but I don't find it any more difficult than most Biology type classes. Anatomy and Physio are MUCH harder. My suggestion, go to quizlet and find practice questions from classes using the same book or a close edition. Watch youtube crash course and maybe Khan academy. But quizlet will give you the best practice for the chapters you are on. Maybe your professor is just demanding way above normal?
  12. Vicki17

    CSULB Spring 2018

    Really, the e-mails from SoN have not gone out yet. People are going by their acceptance into the university itself (which is a good sign). But until you get a firm yes or no I wouldn't assume you're an alternate yet. Do you think you did well on the communication exercise?
  13. Vicki17

    BSN: Need Help Choosing What School to go to!!!

    From your post it's hard to tell what you are using as a criteria. I know from other postings that people who went to a CSU really loved it. It is very competitive and much cheaper than private schools. So, if money is an issue, if you get into CSU Stanislaus or San Jose then I would do that. But then there are other things to consider. Do you want to be close to home? Do you live with parents? How much of a loan can you take? Only you know these things. Also you can do searches like "best nursing schools in California" and the CSU's are right there in the top 10. I don't know where Dominican or Samuel Merritt stand, they may be great as well. But perhaps researching, talking to former students from each or making more specific posts on this forum with the names of the schools you are considering and asking students how they like their program. Or better yet, former students and how they found the job market after graduating. I'm still waiting to hear if I've been accepted anywhere, but no one else answered you in two days so decided to chime in. Best of luck in your decision!
  14. Vicki17

    Help, nursing application.

    First of all, it seems you addressed the questions asked of you and after reading your essay I certainly believed this was your goal and passion in life. That being said, I never had to write an essay to get into school so I'm just going to point out some specific grammatical errors and maybe not all of them. I would suggest trying one of the grammar checking sites for something so important. I've seen commercials for grammerly.com and there may be others. Just a thought. On to the specifics. Second line – you need a "d" added to determine = determined. Third line down "a go" needs to be "ago" Fourth line down I believe it should be "sister and me" not "sister and I". Basically if you read the line through it needs to sound correct for both "sister" and "me" if you were using them individually. (hope I made that clear). Generally job titles are not capitalized so Registered Nurse should be registered nurse. You should confirm that however. The line containing "San Diego Master's Entry program in Nursing" is incorrect. Masters should not be possessive. San Diego's would be but I would put the entire school name. Is it San Diego University's Masters… Also frankly that program sounds incorrect. Confirm the formal name of the school and the program. Only put an apostrophe on the name of the school. I don't know if this should all be capitalized either but it's probably OK since you are naming a specific program. Definitely San Diego and University would be capitalized of course. Second paragraph, change the semi-colon for a comma after furthermore. Also after therefore. Words like these such as "therefore", So, however, etc. need commas, not semi-colons. Fourth paragraph down, you call SD a Changemaker campus. This should not be capitalized. Also since I don't know what it means they may not either. You might want to clarify that point a little more. Somewhere (lost where) you say Register nurse. You need to add the "ed," so it's registered nurse. Lastly, you go between calling the school University of San Diego and San Diego University. I recommend finding the exact name of the school and using it. You wouldn't apply to a job and modify the name of the company. And strangely, there literally could be a university of San Diego and a San Diego University and they might be different schools. I've seen it in other cities. In general I liked what you had to say in your essay and maybe that is really all that matters. I did find some sentences ran on a bit too so again, I would suggest maybe having an English tutor help you (maybe free at your school?) or using a site. Only because this is so important. Best of luck to you!
  15. Vicki17

    Raising minimum wage ..RN Salaries increase?

    My local McDonalds just installed 2 touch screens. So you are not far off and the increases haven't even happened yet.
  16. Vicki17

    Background check!

    I concur you should try a background check on yourself but the ones online may not be as accurate as a real employment screening. I do this for a living (am currently waiting to hear if accepted to nursing school), and it really depends on the state you are in. Here in CA there is a strict 7 year rule, and if the said crime/arrest was convicted prior to 7 years without jail or prison bringing it into that scope then it's not legally reportable. Now will it be found, maybe, maybe not and may even be reported which leaves the CRA (credit reporting agency) liable to lawsuit. Also juvenile records are generally sealed and don't even come up. So you were a juvenile and it was 11 years ago which are both in your favor. However, I don't know what state you are in. There is technically no limit on true convictions in most states but the standard remains at 7 years even so for most jobs.