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  1. nursebreeeee

    How to market myself to future NICU jobs

    Yeah its a very strange way to do things. Its all one 32 bed unit. And no it can vary room to room, a feeder grower can be next to a vented baby. So they are constantly having to move us when scheduling to ensure theres a good enough "skills mix" aka enough people who can handle the sickest level 3 babies.
  2. nursebreeeee

    NICU Brain ideas

    Id be happy to send you the brain I made! I've switched to just jotting stuff down, but I may go back to this after looking at it again. Actually pretty impressed with myself LOL
  3. nursebreeeee

    How to market myself to future NICU jobs

    Okay so heres the run down. I currently work in a level 3 NICU & I absolutely love it. I do not want to work in a lower level NICU. I'm a new grad almost at my 1 year mark, been off orientation/on my own since Feb. Now heres where it gets tricky... my NICU doesn't train to level 3 right away. There are people barely getting their level 3 training now after being here 2 years. It's not a me thing, its just how the unit does it. So how do I market myself to future jobs? I plan to move in the next 1-2 years. And I want to work in a level 3 NICU. Idk how to say "I work in a level 3 but I'm only level 2 trained". I guess I can say that but I feel like it looks like I'm at fault (or not prepared to be trained to level 3).
  4. nursebreeeee

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    Ugh I'm sorry! I haven't revieved this OR an approval letter . Forever waiting...