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    Can we relate?

    Hello everyone, I'm brand new to this in that I normally wouldn't reach out like this, but I need some serious comfort!! Here is a little bit of background, I am in my THIRD semester or nursing which is a little more than half was through. Exciting, right? However, I just took my first exam (which was of course, musculoskeletal) and didn't do AS hot as expected. This was a shock as I've scored 85-95 on all of my exams last semester. Per usual in nursing school, I've cried all day, screamed, contemplated my career choice, etc. I'm frustrated because I've studied SO hard for this. Sometimes I wonder whether it is my test taking skills or my study skills. My next test is on cancer and I need to extremely well. Does anyone have any study tips for that particular topic? Books? Anything? Also, someone please comfort me that these things happen in nursing school...not doing as great as you expected. 😅