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    I know of a RPN who suffers from migraines and she even went to the extreme of getting botox injections in her head! An invasive painful procedure. It works but only for a few weeks. I know of a product that is natural. We all have it when we're young and as we age, it gets depleted. When this happens, all sorts of diseases occur. I and my husband just went through cancer treatment and we are on this product because we don't want to get cancer back. I hope that this information was useful.
  2. psychenurse

    Fired By My Patients

    Maybe you can ask a fellow nurse to stand outside the door out of sight of the patient and then give you feedback.
  3. psychenurse

    Nurse's Stress kit

    A Marble for those days when you're sure you've lost all of yours A Lifesaver because that's how people see you A Candle to help light the way when all seems dark An Elastic to help you stretch beyond your current limits A String to hold it all together when it seems to be falling apart A Snickers Bar to give you a laugh on a bad day And a Kiss to remind you someone cares about you.