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  1. Is the PACU floor a good start for a new RN grad?

    That is a tough question to answer. I feel like with the right training a new grad could thrive in PACU. I came from multiple other areas before getting into PACU. I feel like the experience that I gained in the other areas of nursing really help ...
  2. Excessive waste of narcotics

    This is how ours works. Say I'm giving 25 of Fentanyl from a 100 vial. We pull up the whole 100 but only give 25. Then we still have 75 left to give. The same vial gets scanned again.
  3. Advise, please

    I work in a smaller hospital with 6 OR rooms. I take call once a week and every fifth weekend. We schedule our holidays out years ahead of time. All the staff is very flexible with switching shifts when needed too. We don't have a night shift so...
  4. What I am saying here is just based off of my perception of what you have wrote. Please don't take any of this harshly. Firstly it sounds like you have a real passion for ICU nursing. You are going home after long stressful days and continuing to...
  5. So to preface, I'm a nurse newer (1 year) to the OR. I have worked as a cardiac tele nurse for about 5 years before switching. I took a job to circulate and specialize in the heart room. The facility I work in is small, 6 rooms with a hybrid heart...