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  1. I've been assigned a floor that has patients on PD but I've never been oriented to this treatment. The evening supervisor said that the night shift supervisor will teach me how to do it. I'm the only RN on this floor. I'm thinking of filling out an POA. Is that a good idea?
  2. ImmaRNnow

    Improving Patient Interviews

    There's plenty of information on doing physical assessments. Any tips for being a better communicator as a RN? Like with getting subjective data and background information?
  3. ImmaRNnow

    New Telemetry RN

    It's not all LTC, it has short term care units here, too. And I don't know what requirements are needed for a patient to be on Telemetry here.
  4. ImmaRNnow

    New Telemetry RN

    The LTC I work at just added a telemetry floor, so I applied for the job for experience. I didn't have acls or telemetry experience but facility had a telemetry training and acls course for the RNs they hired. Most are new grads. Well, I didn't get that training nor the acls class. I asked about it and the coordinator said I have to pay for the acls on my own and rely on the other Telemetry RNs to orientate me to the unit. Apparently they don't want to pay to train one person. I'm getting the acls card on my own. Am I risking my license staying on this unit?
  5. I've worked as a Home Health Aide for years and one of the patient I cared for has a close family member, their power of attorney, who wants to give me a reference letter. I work through the agency, not direct hire. I need a professional one for the RN job I'm applying to, so I'm wondering can the family member's letter be counted as a professional reference letter?
  6. ImmaRNnow

    RN working as a CNA

    I'm a new grad. The advice I keep getting is to get a CNA certificate so I can get a job in the hospital since it's hard to get a RN job in NYC with an ASN. Anyone did this?