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  1. BoogieScience

    School Shoes For Nurses

    As a nursing student about to start school next month, I completely misinterpreted this article. I was expecting a review of comfortable shoes that I could look into for clinicals. All jokes aside, this was powerful. Great read before I start school.
  2. BoogieScience

    University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    In asking the same person to write your letter, simply explain to them that you will be reapplying again. They'll understand the situation. Plus, it will be easier for the recommender since they already have your letter saved.
  3. BoogieScience

    University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    Please add me to that FB group because I was also accepted to the OC campus! After 2 years of taking prereqs its finally paid off. I received an email last night to check my status. Can't wait to meet my future classmates. For those waitlisted, I've read stories where applicants were notified up until the day before the first day of class so keep pushing.
  4. BoogieScience

    University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    For the OC campus... I looked back in the USF ME-MSN Spring 2019 thread: and I found that the OC campus started sending out status updates (waitlists and acceptances) as of November 2, 2018. If this trend continues for this year, then we OC applicants could be receiving notices soon.
  5. BoogieScience

    University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    I keep telling myself not to check this thread until after Nov 14, but I can't stop myself. I need to turn off email notifications, LOL.
  6. BoogieScience

    University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    Prereq GPA: 4.0 Cum GPA: 3.22 Volunteer hours: 750+ in 2 hospitals I believe there was a delay last year and notices weren't sent out until late November/early December.
  7. BoogieScience

    Recommendations and advise?

    No response is usually a "no" in my book. I recently asked a professor for a letter. He initially said yes. I emailed him my statement of purpose, resume, and unofficial transcripts so that he could get a better idea of who I was. I followed up with him with a few weeks later, but he didn't respond. I sent him a few more emails and a call to his office, still nothing. Two days before my app was due I just accepted that he had completely flaked on me. Fortunately my program accepts professional LOR's so I asked a former supervisor to write me in. Yes, it's quite frustrating.
  8. BoogieScience

    Recommendations and advise?

    Try emailing/calling the program and ask if they accept professional LOR's. Wouldn't hurt to ask. There wasn't any other professor where you had prior rapport during your undergrad? Try going to a professor where you got an A in their class, meet with them in person and ask if they'd be willing to write you a positive LOR. The worst they can say is no, and you can move on and ask someone else. Another option requires you having to take a pre-req you haven't taken yet for the ABSN program. Take the class, build rapport with that professor, and ask for a letter once you've aced it.
  9. BoogieScience

    University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    Hey guys! I was just about to start a thread so I'm glad I found this one. I applied to the OC campus. My undergrad degree is Biology. 10 weeks couldn't come sooner. Is it November yet?
  10. BoogieScience

    Need advice. Going back to get my BSN at 31!

    I'm 31 as well and I'm in a very similar situation as you in choosing nursing as a new career. I started searching for all the different types of nursing schools in SoCal. I used the American Association of Colleges of Nursing to find these schools: American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) > Students > Find a Nursing Program. The types of programs I'm looking into are either an ABSN (accelerated bachelor's of science in nursing) or EL-MSN(entry level master's in science of nursing) since I already have by BS in Biology. I suggest you make a spread sheet of all the schools you're interested in and then list the prereqs you need to take for each school. Just as other people have stated, be aware of which science classes you'll need to retake since some schools require that some science classes must be taken within the last 7 years, other schools do not have a limit so it's best to check. Best of luck, hopefully we'll be applying to the same programs with the next few years.
  11. BoogieScience

    My teacher said I should take the MCAT. What???

    Studying for the MCAT is no easy task; it will take time and practice to study for it, both of which you could use to focus on something else before starting your program (vacation, time with friends, family, work, etc.). I've had friends that have taken MCAT prep courses, bought supplementary materials, and hired tutors just to give them a slight edge, and all of which cost money. Taking the MCAT also costs $300+. To some, this might not be much but it's also not cheap. klp2006 pretty much summed it all up and I agree with those statements. Also consider that the responsibilities of both physician and nurse are completely different, different roles, and different interactions with patients. Lastly, the fact that you've already been accepted into a nursing program should be enough to assist in your decision of taking the MCAT. Best of luck in your decision-making. Cheers!
  12. BoogieScience

    Placed on Performance Improvement Plan and Angry

    In California the labor laws heavily favor the employee. I would imagine it's similar to other states. It's not the end of the world to receive a PIP. Use it as an opportunity to improve on what you need to do. Hope everything works out for you.
  13. BoogieScience

    Male Nurses that lift weights and stay fit

    Not a nurse YET, but I'm pre-nursing. Looking to complete my pre-reqs. For fitness I do Crossfit. Been doing it for 4 years. It's been fun!
  14. BoogieScience

    Starting nursing school at 37...

    First time poster here! Everyone's story is making me feel like I have nothing to complain about. I'm 30 y.o. Recently got married with no kids YET. I have a full time job in the human services industry, but finally looking into a change of career. I have been looking into nursing for the past few years. Received my BS in Bio 7 years ago and am looking to take my pre-reqs in Spring of 2018, granted I get into classes at nearby CC's in the surrounding area. I live in Socal/LA so science classes are always impacted plus I'll have low-priority since I already have my degree. My goal is to get into an ABSN or EL-MSN program hopefully somewhere in Socal. But my "hardship" is nothing compared to mostly everyone who has posted. Thanks everyone for sharing! I look forward to sharing my journey and learning of everyone's here as well. Cheers!

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