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  1. School Shoes For Nurses

    As a nursing student about to start school next month, I completely misinterpreted this article. I was expecting a review of comfortable shoes that I could look into for clinicals. All jokes aside, this was powerful. Great read before I start school.
  2. University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    In asking the same person to write your letter, simply explain to them that you will be reapplying again. They'll understand the situation. Plus, it will be easier for the recommender since they already have your letter saved.
  3. Accelerated Nursing

    I agree that searching for accredited accelerated nursing programs can be daunting. I remember when I decided to take my prereqs I first decided which schools I wanted to apply to. I used the CCNE site and focused on my homestate of CA. I made a spre...
  4. easier direct entry BSN programs?

    Easier direct entry BSN programs? Define easier. No matter where you apply it will be competitive. Instead of trying to find easier programs (which I don't believe exist), make your resume stronger. I was in a very similar situation as you. I graduat...
  5. I need help deciding which prerequisites to take together!

    My sentiments exactly with the above posters in the order of taking these prereqs: I would take bio and chem, followed by a&p with stats, then micro with psych OR a&p with psych, then micro with stats. Try to avoid taking a&p with micro ...
  6. University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    Please add me to that FB group because I was also accepted to the OC campus! After 2 years of taking prereqs its finally paid off. I received an email last night to check my status. Can't wait to meet my future classmates. For those waitlisted, I've ...
  7. University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    For the OC campus... I looked back in the USF ME-MSN Spring 2019 thread: and I found that the OC campus started sending out status updates (waitlists and acceptances) as of November 2, 2018. If this trend continues for this year, then we OC applican...
  8. Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School Help

    As a supervisor (in a non-nursing field) who has had to write letters of recommendations for my employees applying to grad school, the more information they gave me about themselves, the easier it was for me to write the letter. The info you provided...
  9. Pre-Nursing Student feeling discouraged

    In my opinion a C is better than an incomplete on your transcript. Some tips that could help you improve your grade: -see your professor during office hours and ask him/her on how to do better. This will give you the opportunity to address topics you...
  10. Conflict on continuing my education

    I have read many threads on this board where people were able to support a family while still going to nursing school. It's not impossible, it's all based on time management and juggling different hats (mother, student, worker, etc.) As for actually ...
  11. How to handle different prerequisites?

    I'm in a very similar situation as you where my schools of choice had different pre-reqs. I've applied to the school that I've already fulfilled most of my pre-reqs. If I do not get in then I'll move on with taking the pre-reqs for the other schools....
  12. University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    I keep telling myself not to check this thread until after Nov 14, but I can't stop myself. I need to turn off email notifications, LOL.
  13. University of San Francisco ME-MSN, Spring 2020

    Prereq GPA: 4.0 Cum GPA: 3.22 Volunteer hours: 750+ in 2 hospitals I believe there was a delay last year and notices weren't sent out until late November/early December.
  14. Recommendations and advise?

    No response is usually a "no" in my book. I recently asked a professor for a letter. He initially said yes. I emailed him my statement of purpose, resume, and unofficial transcripts so that he could get a better idea of who I was. I followed up with ...
  15. Recommendations and advise?

    Try emailing/calling the program and ask if they accept professional LOR's. Wouldn't hurt to ask. There wasn't any other professor where you had prior rapport during your undergrad? Try going to a professor where you got an A in their class, meet wit...