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    Chamberlain University?

    I went to CCN in Arlington VA. This is in the Maryland, Virginia, DC area so the graduates who went to school in DC lived in either one of the other states but applied to test where they wanted to work. I graduated from Virginia Applied to test in Virginia and then got my endorsement license for DC. Some people lived in MD Graduated in VA and Tested in DC. It all can be done.
  2. Just when you think nursing can't be scrutinized anymore than it already is, we are now being threatened write ups and termination for failing to reassess a pain score. This includes medication like colchicine, gabapentin and asprin. I've been a nurse for 10 years and I consider myself a pretty good one, but I am very uneasy about keeping my current job, which I've been at for 4 years because of this. What do you think?